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May 30, 2006

Playa del Fuego

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I’m still randomly slapping the air to ward off the never-ending swarm of bugs even though there are not any there.

As usual, words don’t express much in terms of weekend greatness, so some highlights:

- Second Generation Fire Conclave - Alex spun fire for the big burn and was the last one spinning. Also, Sean’s son (much older than Alex) was also there spinning this time.

- Performance Art - we built a sidewalk and watched people use it all weekend long, making me smile each time.

- New People! Again, I’ve found that new people can be awesome and loved meeting new folks and seeing their excitement and energy.

- Bringing Projects - The Sudoku boards were great. Switching one from a number board to a color board was a great idea and it brought a lot more people in willing to see how it works. Guess there is more Math phobia than I thought. I’ve got so many ideas for fall.

- Watching Alex having a great time and all the great adults willing to throw a ball with her.

- Drumming, even if only for a while. I finally brought my drum and used it!

- Helping people set up camp and offering the simple solution of the complexly constructed projects.

- Seeing people respond on calls for volunteers in droves. Too bad we needed to make the call and too bad we didn’t make the call more often.

- Shade structure system that worked to give out more room.

- Seeing friends, getting hugs, and just talking with people.

I guess that is the majority of what I can think of now. Chris was great in helping making projects happen and I’m frequently amazed at how well we work together in making things happen. Things even worked so well that we managed to come home, unpack and then set up a new bed (along with some room re-arranging) before crashing for the night. :)

Other comments: I need to make better packing lists — I didn’t forget anything important, but I did leave behind a few things I normally use. Would have liked to see some better organization for some issues like parking and back gate — will be stepping up in fall to help make that a reality. Things felt a bit sexually heavy this burn, which I don’t really mind, but was a little surprised at how present it was and how hyper focused it seemed to be. I would like to see an organized daytime camp area - like theme camps, but not so micromanaged. This way camps that primarily offer daytime events can get traffic and we don’t run around the dead nighttime camps all day long to get to them — just my preference, wouldn’t like to see it actually happen.