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March 28, 2006

Pair of Teachers said to cheat on MSA

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Pair of Carroll County Teachers said to cheat on MSA - baltimoresun.com

What a clear indication of that these standardized test scores mean — too high a value placed on scores than on teaching. Alex’s school spent a week going over strategies and practice problems before the MSA at her school. Is this what school should be about? No. Also, they now have a double period of math and reading to make up for the reduced scores last year. Math and reading will soon be the only thing our children are taught and taught in such a way that it is almost useless beyond the testing environment. The real world doesn’t give you multiple choice options for actions, it doesn’t care if you can follow the standardized format for responding to questions. It wants critical thinking, analytical skills, and a real ability to write. Placing cookie cutter strategies designed for a specific test will not prepare our children for anything more than paper based test problems.