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April 1, 2006

pain for play

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Thursday evening, over a couple beers at [Brewer’s Art] in Baltimore, a brief thought slipped in and out of a conversation — a Friday night show in Washington. Being so slammed with everything, I just jokingly considered it oh so briefly. Then, post beers, I headed to his house to burn a few DVDs worth of music. I’ve been seriously hurting for music since losing everything I had early last year, if not the year before. Friday, once I got done with chores, it was great to have some music to pull through and got me thinking more about the show that evening.

My stress level has been soaring and the evening out for beer and socializing did wonders for morale. I then rationalized that going out Friday night would kick up that boost to making life manageable. Rationalization won out with the commitment that a friend would pick me up. It was a good show and I was just so happy to be out dancing for a change. And getting to hang out with my friend before he (maybe) runs off to seattle or somewhere is always a good thing. I’ll sure miss him if he leaves but I totally understand the desire to not stay around Baltimore.

So, I’m motivated to work on my homework and bound to the chair because my knee has really flared up thanks to all the dancing. It is so sad to feel joint aches and pains at such a young age. But, my knee has been steadily getting worse and I knew that walking was gonna be difficult today. But, how could I resist the chance to dance to music I like?