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August 9, 2006

new home sweet home

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We moved into our new rental place last night. We’re not fully moved in, not even a small percentage, but we did move the bed over and sleep there. I’m having some conflicting opinions about the place and Chris is helping me stay somewhat positive about the whole thing. We’re pretty sure we’ve got a slumloard instead of a landlord — things that were going to be fixed weren’t and judging by the poor condition of most things in the place, I doubt anything will be fixed. I find it depressing because this is the most I’ve ever paid to rent somewhere and I find it rather unacceptable to be living with some of these problems while paying out so much. But, Chris points out that we’re paying for location and not looks and so I guess it is okay.

I made a huge list of things I wanted fixed and painting that needs done (and was supposed to have been done) but I’ve decided to not bother with any of it, fix what I can myself, and not waste time dealing with the lowest bidder he’d hire to patch things up. My biggest complaint at the moment is the pantry in the kitchen. It looked terrible, the metal wire shelves were extremely filthy, and the pantry looked beat to hell. I wanted it painted and the shelves cleaned because there was no way I could live with it the way it was. Well, this morning I painted it myself instead of waiting for him to do it and I’m getting really tired of dealing with the shelves. It took over 35 minutes to clean one and that was the cleanest one of all. So, I filled the tub, let them soak overnight, and started again this morning. The gunk that they are covered it just won’t come off without living lots of scrubbing and trails of sticky goo everywhere. I would throw these in the trash if I owned them. So, I’m at the old house searching for the Goo Gone and hoping that it will get them clean cause I’m at my wits end.

I’ve spent most of today and yesterday fixing and cleaning the new place. Scrubbing walls and doors have made things look better. Fixing closet doors that refused to open easily. Hopefully this stuff will all be taken care of soon and I can start pretending that where we are living is worth what we are paying. I’m disappointed to be so upset with the situation since I am so happy to be finally living with Chris and getting out of M&Ms place.

Oh, and I guess the other source of my foul mood is that I heard back from the job I was really wanting and they gave the position to someone else. I’m really bummed about that because I thought both interviews had gone wonderfully and I’d grown really committed to working there. So, now I’ve got to get back on that whole job search thing, I was really hoping that would all be wrapped up this week. Sigh.