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February 23, 2006

Movie Review: Maria Full of Grace

Filed under: movies, review — suzanne henderson @ 10:20 pm

Maria Full of Grace is a movie about a young woman who becomes a drug smuggling mule. I have mixed opinions about this movie; it includes some heavy issues but it does so a little too superficially. You have elements of religion, poverty, hostile work environments, teen sex and pregnancy, difficult family dynamics, drug running, criminal rights, murder, immigration, and friendship but it just doesn’t come together well enough for me. These are things that can affect one family in great detail, but the movie really tossed them up in the air and let some scatter to the wind and others just rest on the shoulder of the plot without really developing into something more. The title of the movie doesn’t actually hold out for the meaning behind the character of the film, but it certainly had potential to do just that.

This movie is easy to watch and is not a bad movie. On the concept of drug smuggling and being a mule — the process of preparing the drugs, getting them all down, and actually keeping them all in — was fairly well represented and perhaps offered a more humanized view of what that is like. But, it still feels like it was done outside of the realm of the rest of the movie and didn’t really work in holding the movie together. I would recommend the movie to anyone curious about using people as physical carrying cases for drugs, but not as a complete film on the issues surrounding that topic.