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June 21, 2006

junker cars

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I hate dealing with unreliable transportation — hate it, hate, hate, hate it! It has really been grating on me a lot lately and I think I’ve finally just decided that this not how I chose to get from place to place. Now, I’m not talking about my car. My car is great, I can trust that it will get me from here to there without incident. true, it is getting older and did leave me “stranded” in laurel a month orr two ago — but that isn’t the same as a car that you feel falling apart while you’re driving. My car threw a tensioner, no big deal, things will break. But, when you get into a car and each and every time have to wonder if it will honestly make it to and fro, that is way too stressful for me.

Chris has a blazer that he got for $5 — can you guess the condition? - hint, it was five dollars. Now, he has spent quite a bit fixing all sorts of things that took months to do, but it doesn’t really seem any better off for the effort. So the “family car” as it is called, just cause it does fit the three of us comfortably along with camping gear, was supposed to be ideal for it’s air conditioning. However, it turns out that the mechanic said there is little chance it will work and the only way to check and see is to spend $300 on a repair/test and cross our fingers. Sorry, but $300 on a slim chance isn’t worth it.

I guess I’m all in a fuss because while driving to Hunt Valley yesterday — we need tomato juice and, well, I’ll just say that we needed to drive that far to get it — I spent the entire trip worrying that something was just about to rattle off the car. Sigh. Maybe the car doesn’t need a lot of worry, but I can’t help being concerned when it starts shaking like mad at moderate speeds. yes, my car can get a little shaky around 85 mph but that is solved by a quick tire rotation and balance. The blazer’s shake, on the other hand, feels a little more ominous than that.

Now, we are going to remedy this situation as soon as we can — as in within the next six months. However, we have to get the house first, because banks don’t take too kindly to people extending credit right before signing their life away.

We are trying to figure out what type of car to get next because it is a toss up between a good commuter car or a vehicle that can move stuff. Now, my car gets decent gas milage but lacks a/c. The gas milage of my car makes the saving comparison of buying a commuter car first moot. I’m fairly confident that we will not be buying a second car until next year and I’m not sure we want to wait a year to be able to move stuff. That then means that I’d be stuck driving the newer, larger vehicle which I don’t really want to do. Unless of course I get the DC job, and then guess we’ll need two commuter cars and I’ll get to keep my way-too-hot-in-the-summer car.