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April 3, 2006

inflation and fourth grade field trips

Filed under: family — suzanne henderson @ 8:00 am

Alex is going on a field trip this month and the fee is $33.00. Now, perhaps it is just me or my lack of growing up on the east coast, but $33 seems like a pretty steep fee for a field trip. I recall paying $5 for field trips and maybe $10-20 for something really special, like the class field trip to Six Flags. The school is trying to soften the shock of the price by reminding parents that this is the only field trip they are going on this year. For me, I’d be happier spending $11 for 3 different field trips than $33 on one. I’d find a lot more value in multiple opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom than hoping to cram all the field trip benefits in one single opportunity.