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November 17, 2006

i .heart. change

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 11:30 pm

Well, this isn’t exactly true but I sure like to structure my life around change, over change, in change, and all throughout change. And it has been a few weeks, a couple hours, maybe a day or two since the last greatest change and so obviously it is time to re-aquatint myself with this oh-(not)-so-distant friend…

Of course, I ain’t actually gonna say what the change is, because like all major transitions, it is a transition and progression of steps and stages. Today was step one and the change won’t be complete for several weeks. The timing is not the greatest but change doesn’t always consult the farmers almanac before acting.

So I’ll see if anyone can actually guess at the change and be amused and maybe somewhat depressed by the assumptions that some people will probably make. oh, and I’ll give up a throw away hint, it is neither an overall positive or an overall negative change. It’s just change.