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April 14, 2006

heavy metal

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 3:55 pm

I’ve mentioned that Chris is selling some stuff. Well, in reality he is selling tons of stuff, literally, tons and tons. Yeah, this is indeed the true weight of money happening here. Now, what amazes me more are the numbers of people interested in such stuff. Wow! The number of responses from balt-wash, just a random, generic list posting is pretty impressive. Of course, the response Chris is getting from his metal working lists is outstanding and almost overwhelming. Where are we going to park these people?

This feels like it’ll be one giant cluster fuck the day of the sale and I’m not sure what to expect. But, I can expect that some very big machines will go away - far, far away. And that we’ll have a little more for housing and emergency funds. I can’t wait for this to be done. But, this will really just be the first sale — it’ll allow him to get to the other half of stuff that is crammed behind the stuff that will be sold first. sigh. I am so happy that this stuff is going away.