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August 24, 2006

general activities of late

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I am moving, in case that has somehow not permeated this aspect of my life. I am bored; so, I’m not gonna talk about that. I’ve been checking out several new places lately — mostly tired of the same ol’ and looking to do something different.

The week before last, went down to [College Perk] Coffee House to see a friend play. He was opening for another little group. It was a very small gathering of people. Other than family — all the people performing were related in some form or fashion — Chris and I added two to the three other individuals present. Summer is in swing and I guess College Perk doesn’t pull in a lot of people on a Saturday night right now. It was good and amusing to watch our friend/neighbor singing. We found out about it because we stopped by to pick up some free furniture he was giving us and heard him practicing in the house. Good times.

The next new activity was [dim sum]. Alex got some books from the library and was showing me a cooking book she liked. Flipping through the pages I saw a sections on dim sum and commented on how I’d never had it. So we made plans for Sunday morning (the following day) to solve that. After some adventures finding a place that didn’t exist, we ended up at [A & J Restaurant] in [Rockville, MD]. Oh, it was wonderfully yummy and I can’t wait to have it again. Brunch for 3 costs less than $30 and we walked out of the place very, very full. This place was yummy but it didn’t have the little carts of little treasures that I was looking for. When we go again, we’ll look for a place that has the little carts. I’m sure I”d be far more adventurous when ordering on looks versus written description.

Today, Alex and I decided to use some free* wireless at a new coffee shop just up 29 - [The Daily Grind] opened a new location in Red Lawn and it in is in an area where many new “yuppie” shops will be arriving any day. It is a pretty dressy shopping center, even with the construction still going on, and I look forward to having something closer than Columbia or Silver Spring. Of course, if I lived in this area, I’m sure I’d prefer nothing to what is now here.

We saw a flyer for some live music later in the evening and decided to come back and check it out. [Jodi McLaren] (www.jodimclaren.com) did a pretty good job. A couple more people played afterwards and they were decent as well. I enjoyed Jodi’s sound and enthusiasm a bit more overall.

Between the smoothie and the show, we headed to Columbia for dinner. Tired of all the same old places, I headed toward Burrito and decided to try the Mongolian Grill in the same center. It was great, the first bowl I made was incredibly spicy. The second bowl, not so hot, as I was a little too creative with the spices.

Anyway, lots of new things happening and I’m glad to be out of the house. Hearing people sing gets me all excited. I think of all the hours as a kid that I spent making up song and singing them to blank walls. I don’t know if my voice is good or bad, but it sure makes me wish I’d pursued it somewhat.

My creative drive has been kicking up a bit and I want to be home working on projects. But, we’ve got everything, everywhere and I can’t really get started with anything. School starts soon for Alex, I’ve been working hard on PTA stuff, and then there is the job search — I don’t want to talk about it either.

Okay, random, rambling update on my life. I’ve a house of craziness I should get back to and the music has stopped and it doesn’t look like it’ll start again anytime soon. So, guess we’ll stop being coffee shop bums and head home to (internetless) reality again. :)