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June 21, 2006

diploma arrived

Filed under: school, family, life — suzanne henderson @ 9:33 am

I got it in the mail yesterday, all rolled up in a cardboard tube. Opened it up, admired the fancy lettering and my name written across it. Then, I rolled it back up, put it back in the tube, and tossed it on the shelf and went off to do other things that have nothing to do with the degree. While putting away laundry, it was interesting thinking how there were not papers or anything waiting for my attention. I’m surprised how easy it was for school to take over everything when just a couple years before, daily life wasn’t filled with papers and required readings. Instead, it was scrambling to pay bills, figuring out what activity should fill my time, and letting life pass away.

I’ve been a bit down lately, which fills a bit riduculous since there is so much going on. A dear friend recently pointed out everything I had to be glad about and I guess that just makes me feel a little worse. Of course there is nothing to be down about, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen just the same. So, I’m just trying to get things done the best that I can and hope they are done in time. But, what I really want to be doing is finding a job, going to work, and bringing in some money. My budget is secured through the summer thanks to my previous planning, so I don’t technically *need* to work, but I sure would like to be kicking some debt butt and not just filling my days with non-financially productive activities.

And, along those lines, we’re heading out the door to the movies. AMC has a summer special with a free movie on Wednesday mornings and I’m taking Alex and two neighborhood kids. I’m taking juice boxes in my purse and will probably buy one things of popcorn for the four of us.

Well, better get going…