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April 8, 2006

child free week

Filed under: school, family — suzanne henderson @ 7:31 pm

So, the girl child with fading red hair has flown off to Oklahoma. I’m a little disappointed that the flame red and yellow-orange locks have faded down to a strawberry blonde dye job gone awry. I know how much my mom loves surprises, of all sorts, and that would be one that she’d get instantly. But, her hair looks pretty normal, just a week or so after dying, in spite of the comments from airport security.

I have a week of childless obligations, which really works out to almost no obligations, that should spent being wild and crazy. Instead, I’ll probably just be catching up on school work, getting ahead on school work, and lingering longer on campus after class. I wish that it would be some wild and crazy times, but I think the Thursday night Beer and then the Friday night to see the Orb was enough to last for a couple months. Also, I’m feeling pretty motivated for cracking down on projects and the ideas are flowing. Pretty soon, all the papers will be turned in and all of the projects will be complete, and I’ll be handed a degree as I walk back into the professional world. I’ll ignore the nagging fear that BA will get me very little and just continue to pretend that there is a wealth of employers lining up outside my door waiting to top each other’s salary and benefit packages — cause, thats just what nonprofits do, didn’t ya know?