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February 6, 2006

Book Review: The Simpler Family

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a book by Christine Klein

The Simpler Family: A Book of Smart Choices and Small Comforts for Families Who Do Too Much. This book has some useful insights on ways to simply your life if things are feeling a little hectic. There is also information about going from a dual-income household to a single income household. Overall it seems to be just common sense, but I’ve also spent a lot of brainpower on this subject so I didn’t find anything new.

If there was a way to get a dense version of [Sink Reflections] for families that are not drowning in clutter but need a little more time and organization, that would be a great alternative to this book. This information can be found in many books and magazine articles about creating a happier and more peaceful home. Overall, this book pulls many things together in one place and makes for simpler reading — a decent place to start.