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October 31, 2006

boo! hoo! hoo!

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I’m on candy distribution duty — Alex and Chris are scavenging for candy in the neighborhood. I was certain that we didn’t have enough candy, that there would be children beating down the door, but so far there have just been a couple handfuls. Perhaps all the millions of children I see every day are doing the “better neighborhood” approach — off at friends or even strangers neighborhoods known for good sugary loot. The first major wave of kids came in a mass group with no costumes — not one — and backpacks out stretched for candy — they got the lame candy.

Hopefully more children will appear because I’ve got no other reason to be sitting in semidarkness with a skull topped bowl full of goodies on a Tuesday evening. There are so many other things I could be doing — like, making dinner? heh, this is better than doing that. :)

I wore festive colors to work and was joined by just two other costumed/accessorized colleagues enjoying the holiday. I felt a bit self conscious at 6:00am getting on the bus with bleary eyed commuters, but got over it pretty quickly — other than the fact that it was damn hot today and my outfit was full of fuzzy warmness.

Tomorrow starts that National Novel Writing Month — I’m feeling right on track, other than the fact that I have no plot or real idea about what I’m going to write. I’m sure I’l figure it out between now and then, really! There must be plenty of ideas just buried between meetings, email, and project due dates. :) Alex will be coming to work with me tomorrow, maybe that will help spark something.

ooooh — children are knocking … must go give them a reason to brush and floss every day.