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March 28, 2006

Academic Excellence Award

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I was awarded the Native American Academic Excellence Award for my outstanding academic achievement. I am not very surprised by this but it means that I need to speak at the award ceremony that is taking place in a few weeks. They suggested that this would be a good time to thank those who’ve helped me on my “academic and career journey”. I guess I still feel the greatest amount of ownership over my achievements, feeling like there has not been a lot of outside help. This is probably far from the truth but I need to reflect on this for a while to elaborate on the support I’ve been given. The biggest person to thank is Alex for never ending patience for all the times that school has interrupted our lives. She has certainly been there for all of it and has done an amazing job accepting it as part of our life. Recently, M&M’s support and help has also made a huge difference in being able to focus on my academics and have a place to live while doing so. I am sure that my mother has offered support but I’m having a hard time putting a label on it. I have a couple weeks to think about it and come up with something to say.