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June 27, 2006

crouching tiger…

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Looks like our sellers have tucked under their tail and come crawling back hoping to salvage the contract. I still want to drop the house, for numerous reasons, but I’m not sure what we’ll do. Looks like Chris and I are on opposite ends on how we should proceed. Thankfully, I won’t mind terrible if we do get the house because that was the original plan. However, still making for an interested decision making process on such a major decision. I think the polarity is making it feel a little too much like one of us getting our way, which isn’t what either of us wants when deciding to buy a house. So, hopefully tonight’s powwow on the matter will help us move together in the same direction.

I’m exhausted by the constant back and forth on this house that we’ve already had from outside parties. I’ve just accepted that we won’t get it and that makes it easier to rationalize all the reasons we don’t want it. But anyways, I could really go on and on about reasons to not get the house, but I’ve got a dress that needs another 30 minutes of focused attention.

June 26, 2006

special pampering

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Today was the girls day out — alex actually wanted a manicure while I got a pedicure and my nails done. The pedicure was awesome, I’ve never had one but I think that I just might to have another one someday.

Prior to the pampering, we went to the court house for marriage license. I’d called last week to verify what I needed to get one and also to verify methods of payment. They said they took credit cards so I didn’t bother taking a checkbook or cash (cause I never carry either). Of course, I get there and the woman tells me “No credit cards, not this week.” What? But I was told that they take credit cards. “We do, every week except this one.” Great — so off to an ATM to pay surcharges and back to get the license. No big deal, just a little annoying.

Chris called to say he finally found the carafes we were looking for at a reasonable price. I’d given up on being able to use them for the wedding and am very, very excited that we’ll have them after all.

In unrelated news — anyone remember that scene in magnolia at the end, the one where it is raining frogs? That is what it is like out here. No, they are not falling form the sky but they are everywhere. Yesterday I was having a fit because I couldn’t get down the drive way without running over some and it was such an awful feeling. Frog massacre. Also, the house black snake that has been here for quite some time has a new friend. It might even have two new friends, but we know about the second one for sure. What was comfortable cohabitation with the snake has become somewhat unpleasant — especially thinking about all the crazy snake sex that is probably going on and the tiny baby snakes that may show up soon. Currently, the large snake respects our living space and stays above the dropped ceiling; I’m not so confident the tiny baby snakes will do the same.

Ain’t life interesting.

June 25, 2006

wedding stress

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I’ve seen so many friends in the past couple days, it feel unnatural — I’ve be too anti-social these past several months (has it been years already?). Everyone keeps asking how things are going with a slight wink and nudge that I must be all stressed out at this point.

I find it amusing because I’m so un-stressed about the wedding. I decided that what gets done will get done and what doesn’t, doesn’t matter. I’m excited about all the things I want to get done this week, not overwhelmed by them. I’m sure that I’d realize that I have way more tasks than time if I thought about it more, but that isn’t going to happen. I’m getting a bit overwhelmed by the costs, just because all these little purchases do add up — but not feeling the real pinch yet. Of course, I haven’t actually added up this month’s expenses, maybe I should before buying any more rationalized purchases.

Today Chris and I went to find something for him to wear to the wedding; we went over to Men’s Warehouse as a first stop and I found something before we even walked in. In the window was a perfect shirt for the style of the wedding. Turns out they’d sold out of all of the rest and so I was up in the window stripping the mannequin down and we had a shirt. We found a pair of shorts that were perfect in fabric and color, but we didn’t want to go with shorts. So, the awesome sales person (he was so helpful, attentive, and friendly it felt good to be there) brought a pair of slacks to try and they worked just fine. Sure, it wasn’t my ‘perfect’ color combination, but certainly a dead ringer on style and function. The outfit is all silk and looks like it must feel rather decadent — I’m sure it’ll feel really nice on the hot Saturday afternoon.

The sales person then went on to help pick out a shoe and helped explain why a certain shoe, one I originally thought was horribly ugly, was really the best style and look for the outfit. He’s great at his job because I agreed that they indeed fit the biil, but we didn’t walk out with the shoes, just the outfit. Before paying $109 for those shoes, we crossed the street to DSW to check out their shoes and see if we could find something similar.

We found the exact same shoes for 30% less, but they didn’t have Chris’s size. So, we found another comparable shoe ($75) and also a comparable sandal type shoe ($30) that looked like it would work well too. We bought them both to try on with the outfit at home and will take back whichever isn’t selected.

So, wedding plans and prep is moving along just fine. I look forward to really moving forward this week because — thats all the time there is to get things done. I also need to get a lot done before my mom and then sister show up because I know that they’ll prolly distract me a bit more than help me. Hopefully I’m wrong cause we’ve got a lot of cooking to get done. We even plugged in another fridge in the garage to provide some space for made items.

Oh — and for something that is actually stressful — looks like stuff has gone wrong with the house purchase. Wrong in terms of the buyers stringing us along hoping for a better offer and even telling our agent that there is another buyer interested. This really pisses me off, leaves me with no place to live, and is a major stress. But I just don’t have time to worry about, will let things play out another week+ since wedding stuff takes top billing in terms of things to worry about. Maybe we’ll have this house, maybe we won’t. Honestly, I’m happy to walk away from it but not happy to be mislead and will certainly have something to say about that if they do drag their feet further. So, for the next week or so — I’d just prefer no one ask me anything about the house. I’ll certain say more on it later.

June 23, 2006

more progress

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I feel like bragging and think I’ve called my mom too many times this week, as is, to brag to her (she supposedly likes to hear this stuff).

But, I finished sewing the front of my dress last night. I thought I’d give up for the day but instead took advantage of the late night alone (metal working meeting for chris). It looks a little silly without the bodice attached, but due to all the darts and the bust line, I’m waiting for my mom’s help on getting it attached properly. I’d hate to sew it wrong and end up with lopsided boobs or something - heh.

Feeling optimistic, I started right in on the dress this morning. And wow, I’m so lucky and glad that I did not try to start the back to begin with. There is just no way I’d ever finish if I had. The train on the dress, while a minor one, makes it oh so much larger than the front. That and the additional fullness needed to make the train drape properly. I’ve worked all day and have managed to get only the bottom quarter of the dress pinned and cut. Of course, that is a huge part of the dress considering how much fabric it tucked away at the bottom, but it has been a lot of work. And now, I’m out of wonder under and need to go to the store *again* to buy something — maybe I can just send Chris after work — oh, that sounds like a good idea. He’s closer anyway.

June 22, 2006

woot! progress finally!

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Wow, I’ve been avoiding my wedding dress for weeks and weeks because I didn’t think I’d be able to make it work. Everytime I started working on it, I’d get overwhelmed and eventually walk away. Today, I committed to working on it and took frequent breaks to keep from getting overwhelmed. And now, the front is completely cut out, pinned, and ready to be sewn together. Think I’ll take a leisurely break and then get back and start sewing things down. Wow, I’m so excited and will be ready to get the back done tomorrow. Yay! I’m so excited.


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I’ve been teasing Chris that if we have a kid, we should name him/her Ingot. He seems to really dislike this idea but I find it quite amusing considering the meaning implied. It really does make a pretty good name, in my opinion. I might consider changing Ingot to Ingat for a girl, but who knows.

I think Chris thinks I’m nuts. Sometimes, I think so too. What started out as a joke seems to be sounding like a better idea all the time.

Anyways — back to working on the wedding dress that I’ve put off to the last minute. I’ve decided to just put it together, stop perfecting it, and just be happy with however it turns out. Hopefully it’ll be done in time.

June 21, 2006

junker cars

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I hate dealing with unreliable transportation — hate it, hate, hate, hate it! It has really been grating on me a lot lately and I think I’ve finally just decided that this not how I chose to get from place to place. Now, I’m not talking about my car. My car is great, I can trust that it will get me from here to there without incident. true, it is getting older and did leave me “stranded” in laurel a month orr two ago — but that isn’t the same as a car that you feel falling apart while you’re driving. My car threw a tensioner, no big deal, things will break. But, when you get into a car and each and every time have to wonder if it will honestly make it to and fro, that is way too stressful for me.

Chris has a blazer that he got for $5 — can you guess the condition? - hint, it was five dollars. Now, he has spent quite a bit fixing all sorts of things that took months to do, but it doesn’t really seem any better off for the effort. So the “family car” as it is called, just cause it does fit the three of us comfortably along with camping gear, was supposed to be ideal for it’s air conditioning. However, it turns out that the mechanic said there is little chance it will work and the only way to check and see is to spend $300 on a repair/test and cross our fingers. Sorry, but $300 on a slim chance isn’t worth it.

I guess I’m all in a fuss because while driving to Hunt Valley yesterday — we need tomato juice and, well, I’ll just say that we needed to drive that far to get it — I spent the entire trip worrying that something was just about to rattle off the car. Sigh. Maybe the car doesn’t need a lot of worry, but I can’t help being concerned when it starts shaking like mad at moderate speeds. yes, my car can get a little shaky around 85 mph but that is solved by a quick tire rotation and balance. The blazer’s shake, on the other hand, feels a little more ominous than that.

Now, we are going to remedy this situation as soon as we can — as in within the next six months. However, we have to get the house first, because banks don’t take too kindly to people extending credit right before signing their life away.

We are trying to figure out what type of car to get next because it is a toss up between a good commuter car or a vehicle that can move stuff. Now, my car gets decent gas milage but lacks a/c. The gas milage of my car makes the saving comparison of buying a commuter car first moot. I’m fairly confident that we will not be buying a second car until next year and I’m not sure we want to wait a year to be able to move stuff. That then means that I’d be stuck driving the newer, larger vehicle which I don’t really want to do. Unless of course I get the DC job, and then guess we’ll need two commuter cars and I’ll get to keep my way-too-hot-in-the-summer car.

diploma arrived

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I got it in the mail yesterday, all rolled up in a cardboard tube. Opened it up, admired the fancy lettering and my name written across it. Then, I rolled it back up, put it back in the tube, and tossed it on the shelf and went off to do other things that have nothing to do with the degree. While putting away laundry, it was interesting thinking how there were not papers or anything waiting for my attention. I’m surprised how easy it was for school to take over everything when just a couple years before, daily life wasn’t filled with papers and required readings. Instead, it was scrambling to pay bills, figuring out what activity should fill my time, and letting life pass away.

I’ve been a bit down lately, which fills a bit riduculous since there is so much going on. A dear friend recently pointed out everything I had to be glad about and I guess that just makes me feel a little worse. Of course there is nothing to be down about, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen just the same. So, I’m just trying to get things done the best that I can and hope they are done in time. But, what I really want to be doing is finding a job, going to work, and bringing in some money. My budget is secured through the summer thanks to my previous planning, so I don’t technically *need* to work, but I sure would like to be kicking some debt butt and not just filling my days with non-financially productive activities.

And, along those lines, we’re heading out the door to the movies. AMC has a summer special with a free movie on Wednesday mornings and I’m taking Alex and two neighborhood kids. I’m taking juice boxes in my purse and will probably buy one things of popcorn for the four of us.

Well, better get going…

June 14, 2006

wedding progress

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There are plenty of things that need to happen still and plenty of things that I’ve been avoiding to some extent.

Today’s progress:

– found a new place to rent chairs from. The cost per chair is higher but the reduced delivery charge makes it worth it. Also, this means that we might be able to rent tables too and that will reduce some of our overall madness at the event.

– edited the ceremony wording a bit. since meeting with the certified Joe Shmoe we’ve needed to get the ceremony wording and readings completed. I’m not sure that I like the idea of readings because it falls under that “fluff” category and I’m not one to do something just cause it is “what is done”. Bad enough we’re gonna have an officiant standing at all. I just want his signature, not so much his influence or orchestrating. But, thats just me. I am amused that one of the readings even states that his position isn’t all that important.

Well, I guess that is all I’ve done today. Not so impressive. I need to find some white butcher or craft paper somewhere. I found some brown paper, but I really want to use white paper for the wedding tables. I figured that Alex and I will be working on those this week while waiting for a fabric sale to get the rest of the wedding dress fabric.

In theory, people will all RSVP by tomorrow, but I don’t think that is actually going to happen. Guess I’ll have to send out some friendly email reminders and hope that people respond to them. Chris and I’ve both had about the same response rate.

Today is Alex’s last day of school. We’re going to go pick up a stunt kite kit and some pregnancy books that I scored on freecycle. I think we’ll also celebrate the last day of school at Cold Stone since we’ll be heading that way anyways — oh wait, today was the ice cream party, guess more ice cream isn’t what she needs.

We’re starting an at-home camp program next week — hopefully it’ll all go well. Hopefully it’ll also get a lot of wedding stuff completed.

June 8, 2006


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Dreamt last night that I had to go back to school to take tests for each class. I was told that previously reported grades were all just indication of current progress but that it would be these final tests that would really determine my grade. I was freaking out because it was classes I’d totally forgot about and others that I got by only by doing awesome projects and not by reading the endless books assigned.

June 6, 2006

i found a job I really want….

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… but it is in DC. But, it is exactly (!!!) what I want to be doing. So, I’m gonna polish off my resume (I’ve been a bit discouraged by it’s apparently poor reception so far) and will get it in thee mail tomorrow. Woot! Hopefully I’ll have some details to share about it soon.