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February 28, 2006

Anes Weblog » Retirement Savings for Low Income Earners

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Anes Weblog » Retirement Savings for Low Income Earners

Retirement! Ack, I still can’t believe that in all my fussing over savings and planning, that I still haven’t taken the steps needed to start a retirement account. And, I must say that I will not be going out and starting one today either, sigh. I guess I can pretend that my “when I get a job” arguments is valid, but it still feels like an excuse. Of course, right now I am putting about $920 into savings to help build up some funds for buying a house. I don’t know how to find more money to put somewhere else because that is really extending my budget pretty far just to get that going. The goal is to not spend all of my savings on the house, but to also be able to use some of the funds to build up to the 6 months of living expenses in easy access savings. I think I will also decide on a set amount to take out and put into a retirement account. I really enjoy dealing with financial planning, but I do need to kick up my efforts a little more.

February 27, 2006

procastination bad

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Sigh, I waited way too late to write this paper. Well, not too too late, but it is certainly crunch time on getting it done. It is coming along, just fine, but there is that pressure, that weight of the clock ticking and the heaviness in the keys, that is making it feel oppressive and intimidating. Progress is happening and I better get back to it — the first draft should be done printing now…

February 23, 2006

Movie Review: Maria Full of Grace

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Maria Full of Grace is a movie about a young woman who becomes a drug smuggling mule. I have mixed opinions about this movie; it includes some heavy issues but it does so a little too superficially. You have elements of religion, poverty, hostile work environments, teen sex and pregnancy, difficult family dynamics, drug running, criminal rights, murder, immigration, and friendship but it just doesn’t come together well enough for me. These are things that can affect one family in great detail, but the movie really tossed them up in the air and let some scatter to the wind and others just rest on the shoulder of the plot without really developing into something more. The title of the movie doesn’t actually hold out for the meaning behind the character of the film, but it certainly had potential to do just that.

This movie is easy to watch and is not a bad movie. On the concept of drug smuggling and being a mule — the process of preparing the drugs, getting them all down, and actually keeping them all in — was fairly well represented and perhaps offered a more humanized view of what that is like. But, it still feels like it was done outside of the realm of the rest of the movie and didn’t really work in holding the movie together. I would recommend the movie to anyone curious about using people as physical carrying cases for drugs, but not as a complete film on the issues surrounding that topic.

Deep-Dish Apple Pie

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While downloading some pictures off of my camera, I found some of an apple pie I made some time last year. I guess it is about time to write it up.

I used the “The Problem with Deep-Dish Apple Pie” from [Cooks Illustrated]’s September & October 2005 issue. Like all Cooks Illustrated articles, this one addresses many of the problems with a standard recipe as they test many ways to resolve them and to get the perfect* taste. The first thing I have to say about this recipie is that it takes a long time from start to finish. And, while I enjoy cooking and really enjoy good [food], I do have a limit to the time and energy that I will put into one dish — this recipe hit both of those limits by the time it was done.

First thing first, you must make the pie crusts. I know why I see so many shows and recipes talking about how simple a pie crust is; because, no matter how many times I try and how closely I follow directions, it never seems to work out right. Now, my crust did turn out nice in the end, but the time that it took to mix and mold and rest and roll and rest just took too long. Yes, it was far superior to what a store bought crust would have done, but I still find their connivence worth the reduced results. The image above shows off the beauty of the crust and I am impressed that it turned out so well; however, I don’t think I’ll bother to make the crust next time.

For the filling, you must pick the right apples, the right combination of apples. You need to balance sweet (golden delicious, braeburn, jonagold) with tart (granny smith, empire, cortland) apples. I think that I went with granny smith and golden delicious for my pie. So, you get 5 pounds of apples and start peeling and slicing. Luckily, I have an apple peeler, slicer, corer which made this task possible. Without it I would have given up before I even started. You actually cook the apples on the stove top before you fill the pie. In this step, you add minimal ingredients to the apples, cook, and then cool on a baking sheet. The seasoning on the apples is limited because the goal is to have a strong apple taste, not a sugary or overly spiced filling.

You then add the filling to the prepared crust, top it off with another crust, cut a few slits in the top, and brush on some egg white and sugar. It came out wonderfully. The crust was perfect and the slice shows that the apples retained just enough body and that there was no gap between the filling and crust (the double cooking of the apples was done to prevent this). Yes, it did taste quite wonderful, especially with a scoop of my favorite ice cream on top. However, I will not make this recipe again. I love apple pie and this certainly stood up to my standards on taste, but the effort involved was too much. Instead, I know a farmers market that makes wonderful deep-dish apple pies for much less effort on my part. That has the benefit of supporting local farmers and freeing up my time for other things.

* perfect is relative

February 15, 2006

JS Online:What you need to know on vouchers

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JS Online:What you need to know on vouchers

Milwaukee’s voucher program is an endless source of controversy. I remember when people were arguing about the validity of it and there were threats of it making its way to the supreme court to validate it. At that time, there was a big push to keep it out of the courts because that would open up a floodgates of simmilar programs in other states and many people did not want that to happen.

I must say that I am torn on the issue. I see the advantage of vouchers for low-income families that want their children to get a private eduction but cannot afford it. I deperately want to enroll my daughter in a school with values that I find important. Unfortunately, that means I would have to put her in private schools because public schools offer a limited scope of education and are so restricted by the [No Child Left Behind] act that all they can do now is teach for tests in order to stay funded. Now, there is a disconnect in the voucher and private school success idea. Private schools don’t have to report their scores or any information and there have been several cases in Milwaukee where schools sprung up in response to the voucher program and were doing nothing positive for the students.

So, how do you make this program work? If your using state funds to private schools don’t those schools have to show they are truly focused on the education of children? But, if you require them to show results, are you just placing another institution under Bush’s chains of reporting and then going to stamp out all of the education benefits a private school can offer?

I have a hard time supporting private schools because i’ve always felt that parents need to put their energies into making public schools better. But, our government is taking that ability out of our hands, just as many parents are placing that responsibility into someone else’s hands, and public schools are losing at an astounding rate. Does anyone think that our teachers in public schools think that what they are doing, the curriculum they are forced to use, is helping out students? It isn’t and I am glad that my daughter attends a school that doesn’t sugar coat their requirements and motives and that will speak to the fact that the curriculum and expectations placed on the classroom is not the best policy. But, it is hard to avoid feeling overwhelmed when it seems that our power as parents and community members is being removed and abandoned and government (at the hands of Bush, no less) is taking up the slack and leaving every child behind.

mid-week procrastination

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Wednesday is supposed to be anti-procrastination day and so far I’ve only managed to get dressed. Of course, I just painted my nails in order to give me an excuse to catch up on some online reading. I like keeping up with the too many blogs that I read and also a site that collects news stories about education. I’m working pretty hard to keep up with new things because it makes it a lot easier to have conversations in the social arena. Of course, my memory seems to work against me when I’m trying to recall what I read.

This weekend didn’t go so well and I’m finally getting over it. Seems that I pissed off some vocal people in regards to PDF. But, if people want to continue to argue about things being a do-ocracy and then get all huffy when someone does it, thats fine. That is really just par for the course for PDF activities. How anything every gets done is always beyond me. But, there were complaints that the decision to postpone the meeting wasn’t raked over the coals before someone finally said something. Of course, the topic was brought up and like most topics of interest it got ignored. So, in realizing that we were not going to get just the typical light dusting of snow that freaks out everyone in this state, in realizing that the areas which have traditionally had the greatest number of meeting participants were going to have a large amount of snow dropped on them, justified the consideration of postponing the meeting. Now, of course, in typical PDF style, people are rather obstinate and decided to hold the meeting anyway — with a whopping 5 people in attendance — mostly in response to the fact that someone dare tried to consider the majority of the participants who would be traveling to get to it. Now, it could be argued that the numbers were so low because it was announced to be postponed or it could be the reality of the number of people who had lost electricity and were having to deal with more than a well over a foot of snow. So, thanks to those of you who voiced your support for postponing the meeting when we talked on Saturday and additional thanks to those who voiced your support to me personally for making the decision.

February 11, 2006

two days…

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I’ve been getting a little bogged down in life this week. Nothing major, just feeling a little off kilter and trapped in my room if there are people (M&M people — not Chris or Alex people) around. It just reminds me that I can’t get out of this house soon enough because I feel my tolerance for living with people, for having no control over my environment, fading. But I’ve also gotten a little off on my meds, mainly cause I needed to hit the pharmacy and wasn’t making it there. This morning I was looking at my chart — I track certain items for natural birth control/family planning and also meds and moods — and noticed that of the two times I missed my meds, two days later I noticed a slight downshift in mood. And, the second time was actually a span of a couple days and noticed the the downshift picked up a little speed. So interesting to see these things on paper. So, I know I’m still a little off and trying to keep that in perspective in dealing with the house and occupants. It just seems that I’m on a streak of hiding from everyone as much as I can. It’ll get better soon enough but in the mean time, I think I’ll run out for a bit and enjoy the sprinkling of snow that we are supposedly getting.

February 10, 2006

Teacher guilty in mock hanging

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Teacher guilty in mock hanging

Okay, so we go from false negatives in spelling bees to imitation hangings in second grade classrooms? I just don’t know what to say about that.

Bad call by judge spells trouble for girl at bee

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Bad call by judge spells trouble for girl at bee

Okay, I understand about being annoyed that your child spelled something right and was judged wrong. BUT, to go home and then complain and expect some time-reversing action to take place just because no one else in attendance was astute enough to realize she’d spelled it right is a bit absurd. Really, if she spelled it right, then it should have been recognized at the event. Maybe it wouldn’t be done by the next round of words, but at least before everyone went home. And then to throw out that all-american-threat of going to court? Come off it.

February 7, 2006

Blogging is altering the real estate landscape

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Blogging is altering the real estate landscape - Jan. 19, 2006

this isn’t all that surprising seeing as how blogs have had a pretty interesting influence of most markets. I’m tossing it up here so that I can go back and look at a few of the blogs mentioned and see if there are any worth reading.

taste buds

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I think Alex is starting to evolve her palette. She has been ordering off adult menus for a while now, no big deal there; however, she is now ordering new things every time we go out. Last night I asked her where she wanted to go out and eat — Olive Garden. Now, this doesn’t fit in with my preferred places anymore but she argued that it had been “forever” since we’ve been there and talked me into going. Now, I was a little disappointed in the selection because she has never had an interest in ordering off the adult menu and I find their child selections a little dull. But, with a quick glance at the menu something jumped right out at her — pork tenderloin. Eek, she would be picking something several dollars more than my dish, but I was happy to see the excitement and daringness in trying new things.

I took a while for the food to show up, longer than it should have I would soon notice. Alex ends up with a large plate full of roasted potatoes and a slab or pork tenderloin. She was pretty excited about it because she is really into pork these days (good thing cause we’re having pork chops for dinner). But I noticed that she only took one bite and didn’t seem interested in having another. Thinking it was because they’d failed to give her a knife capable of cutting, I asked and received a knife better suited for a meat entree. I then tried a bite and ick! it was quite terrible. In fact, I think it takes considerable work to make pork *that* dry and chewy. The reduction sauce was unflavorful and detracted from the leathery meat. I totally understood why she didn’t want it. Now, the waitress who was shocked that she would order such a dish seemed to take the assumption that it was just finicky child that didn’t like it. She thought it was also “just too much” for Alex to eat to which I responded that the problem was that the meat was overly dry and didn’t taste good. But, I suppose that since it was a child’s order, it didn’t matter. Now, the dish that I always order was also pretty bad. I don’t know if it is because I’ve gotten used to eating at good restaurants or that they were having a really crappy night in the kitchen. However, it certainly crosses that place of the maybe-possible dining list.

February 6, 2006


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I’ve actually touched [fishy] for the first time in ages. Still haven’t figured out what to do with that. I’m thinking I’ll pull all the book reviews over here once I get time (ha!). But for now, I updated:

Book and Wish List. Of course, I don’t know what schedule I have the rebuilds on so it make take a little bit for those to be updated. In fact, this will a pretty good eye opener if they never get updated and I’ll know I need to change the cron file.

I’m tired of reading and want to go to bed. But, Chris is off on the Eastern Shore and if I go to bed now, I won’t be able to get back to sleep is he accidently wakes me when he gets home later tonight. Hmmm, what to do…

Book Review: The Simpler Family

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a book by Christine Klein

The Simpler Family: A Book of Smart Choices and Small Comforts for Families Who Do Too Much. This book has some useful insights on ways to simply your life if things are feeling a little hectic. There is also information about going from a dual-income household to a single income household. Overall it seems to be just common sense, but I’ve also spent a lot of brainpower on this subject so I didn’t find anything new.

If there was a way to get a dense version of [Sink Reflections] for families that are not drowning in clutter but need a little more time and organization, that would be a great alternative to this book. This information can be found in many books and magazine articles about creating a happier and more peaceful home. Overall, this book pulls many things together in one place and makes for simpler reading — a decent place to start.

Book Review: Death by Theory

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a book by Adrian Praetzellis that explores Archaeological Theory in a mystery novel. It does a good job refreshing one’s memory about the major theories in anthropology and archaeology without putting you to sleep. They touch on subjects just long enough to provide information and move on before you give up on reading anymore. I’d suggest it to anyone who wants a refresher course in theory or anyone who likes bizarre and cheesy mystery novels.

February 5, 2006

Group Offers $300,000 For Preschool Education

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Group Offers $300,000 For Preschool Education

Early childhood education is starting to be noticed. Yes, a good start early in life is important to school success. Companies are recognizing the importance of quality programs for a group that is often overlooked. And, the forward thinking of this, in the sense that they are investing in a workforce that will not appear for many more years, is quite impressive. Of course, education is a holistic system and as easy as it is to set off on the right foot it is easy to start slipping downhill if the momentum is not maintained through a child’s entire educational career. Overall, an encouraging initiative and step in an improvement direction.

Time to kick kid ads in the square pants

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New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Lenore Skenazy: Time to kick kid ads in the square pants

It is encouraging to see more and more articles and news coverage like this. There have been consumer and government groups concerned about advertising to children for some time now, but maybe we are actually getting to the point that something will begin to happen.

I’m always so torn by all of the topics that I am interested in. I think it is about time to pick a platform or issue and pursue it instead of just dabbling interests in a vast range of topics. However, i would say that nutrition and diet have been a big interest of late from adults to children. Oh, but how does this tie to my goals of pursuing education research? So much to be concerned about and so little time to devote to it.

40 MPH or 30 MPH?

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ad-awards.com - International advertising awards : Department for Transport __ Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

The non-profit ads have some very powerful messages. This one was quite simple and certainly made me think!

February 4, 2006

rainy day

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i love rainy days like this. they make me just want to lay around and soak in surrender for stillness and peace. I guess this would sort of fall into the yang that I was reading last night, the balance to the brilliant sunlight yesterday that was invigorating. Yes, I’ve housework to do — being grumpy for most of last week put me a little further behind than I feel acceptable (in order to still get paid) — and homework that just can’t wait. This is not a semester where I can skip out on all of the readings like that million have been. I’ve never really done reading for any class because my memory seems son wishywashy. But, I can tell that I’ll have to push on through this semester if I want to do well. And it would be sad to follow a 4.0 semester with something less than a 3.0. So, maybe I’ll go enjoy a few lingering kisses and snuggles before fading into the day’s requirements.

February 3, 2006

shifty figures

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I’ve finally been able to get all of my school stuff finalized. I’ve dropped the writing course that I no longer need; I received an exemption due to the my coursework at [UWM]. I have all the books that I am going to buy, which ended up being a little less than $300. I budgeted in money for Alex to go to camp; however, I did not cover the full amount. I am hoping that I will be able to get a scholarship for her or that someone (Chris and my mom expressed interest in helping) will be able to help me come up with the remaining funds. My six month expenses have been calculated and I’m preparing for that as I type. And, I was finally able to transfer moneys where they belong: some stays in checking, some to savings, and some to Ing Direct. Ing Direct has a nice interest ’sale’ going on right now that I am glad that I’ll be able to take advantage of it. I was planning to make a deposit anyway so it is nice that it will be during their promotional period and earn me 4.75% APY.

The only problem with this time of the semester is that I am terrified that I am adding things up wrong. I write it down over and over and occasionally get a couple different numbers and have to write extensive notes as to why the numbers were different. I like my transactions to fit neatly in my way of thinking, but this time of year that doesn’t work so well. For instance, if I have two deposits and one falls under “cleaning income” and the other under “unexpected income” then I prefer for those to be on two different deposit slips. It just makes it easier if I have to go back and look at things. So, when I’m taking in a chunk of money into checking and I can’t break off little line item pieces to clarify some purchases, I get nervous. So the lump comes in and then some odd number gets redistributed and I must make sure that I didn’t take too much out. I am sure this would be a little easier if I ever balanced my account, but since I’ve never been able to get that concept to work properly, I rely on my budget numbers and what is actually in the account to keep things straight — and it is pretty close to being considered a ‘balanced’ account Plus, I typically have a few hundred extra just sitting in checking incase I mess up my math one month and as a nice little buffer if I go over by $20 (the buffer slowly grows because I often stay under budget).

When I consider the fact that I have almost all my money for half the year at the beginning of that time, it seems a bit odd that it has to be so complicated. But, in order to live on a monthly budget and not having to try to pace myself over many months time, I make “income” transfers from savings into checking at the beginning of each month. Plus, it is nice in the sense that once that month’s ‘income’ it is gone, it is gone. No dipping in to get a little extra. Should be pretty useful once I get a real job again and rely on paychecks for the month to month stuff.

And finally, yay for savings, I now could put a traditional down payment on a $33,000 house - bwahaha. Or an untraditional (FHA loan) down payment on a $200,000 house. Now, the second option actually sounds downright motivational.


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yes, more [flylady] stuff…

I’m on the FlyLady announcement list and the discussion list. The announcement list has an incredible volume of emails coming out of it, mostly because they try to send you emails throughout the day to remind you to do something. Great for the person who is doing nothing but sitting around the house all day — which is a contradiction to the whole purpose of [FLYing] — but not so useful for those of us drowning in email. I ignore those emails and I’ll eventually get around to filtering them out. However, there are also “testimonials” that get passed along. These are ofte nice little bits of encouragement that I is probably quite helpful and encouraging to many members. I find some of them to be redundant and unnecessary but am occasionally struck by one. Of course, regardless of how redundant I see them as, I think they are an important element to the whole system because encouragement and inspiration is essential to maintaining momentum.

But, the other day I read one where someone was actually complaining about having to do the routines. They are redundant, thats the whole point, and although they may feel constrictive they are really a tool to allow more freedom through out the day. So, if someone is feeling all rebellious because the routine says to get up and do x, y, and z they may decide to skip it. But, come late in the day when they’ve glanced at the x, y, and z that isn’t done it starts to weigh on their mind. And pretty soon, instead of being able to enjoy the free time they should be having, they are then having to pull a chunk out of the day to get it done. For people who don’t care about those things, this doesn’t really matter. But, for those who care enough to get annoyed at the once-a-month clean-till-you-drop and giving up an entire day or weekend, it might pull a little weight. And, for those who’ve done the routines may say that it seems silly to do some things every day if something doesn’t look like it *needs* it. But, why wait until you bathroom sink is looking gross, why not just keep it clean to begin with?

Oh yeah, and the real disclaimer, I don’t actually do the routines *every* day. I do them most days and notice that those days move so much more smoothly than the days that I get lazy. In fact, this is one of those lazy days and it is somewhat absurd that I’m talking about routines while I’m not actually doing my routines. But, I’ll blame it on skipping the bedtime routine where I write what I am going to do the next day — without that note I am now floundering and killing time wondering where to start my day. I think it’d be best to get the routine going, even if it is a little late, and then see where that leads. Plus, it’ll only take 15 minutes. :)

February 2, 2006

Diet Blog - Weight Loss Reality Check

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Diet Blog - Weight Loss Reality Check This looked amusing. Today I was very rushed to get out the door on time, hence the lousy breakfast and snack planning — however I did get everything chopped and assembled to start the crock pot for dinner. I found what I ate amusing because everything was high protein, especially dinner that had chicken, beans, and cheese. The dish was also supposed to have some peanut butter mixed into it (for the added Moroccan taste, I guess) but I couldn’t stand the idea of more peanut butter. But I guess that I needed it since Thursday are my power (draining) days.

Slice of Cheese
3 cashews

PeanutButter Crackers
1/4 c. of cashews


Applesauce Cup

Chicken, Beans, and Rice

Bowl of Ice Cream


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“Access to the Library Catalog and Your Account may temporarily be unavailable between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday due to system maintenance. The login screen will display when you are able to log in again. Thank you for your understanding.”

Maintenance should not be done during normal hours. Yes, I know that people have to come in to do the work, but, bah! I’m always wanting the information when it is down and waiting until 8:30am is just too late for me. Oh well, I guess I’ll look for some other reading. I was just checking to see if they still had a book I needed or not.

The California Wine Country Diet: Honest Help

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The California Wine Country Diet: Honest Help

This is a very well written and thorough review of the [California Wine Country Diet] book. I think I will check it out if it ever makes it to my library to give a good once over myself. I’m not a fan of “dieting” and instead have found that a sound diet (and consistent exercise) is the key to improved health.

Another book I want to check out is [Body Clutter]. This is written by the woman who wrote [Sink Reflections] and the woman who wrote [Saving Dinner] — both who are related to the [flylady] method I’m always raving about. I’ve requested that my library get a copy and am patiently waiting for it to be ordered. However, I just might decide to pick it up off the bookstore shelf since i’ve been reading so many wonderful reviews and testimonials about it on the FlyLady mailing list.

February 1, 2006

this is going to take effort…

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surviving this semester, I mean. I don’t know if it is the fact that I’m almost done, that I’m taking so many classes, or that most of them are on Tue/Thr, but I can tell that it is going to really push me this semester. Already, on the 3rd day of classes, I didn’t want to go — bad sign. Of course, I’ve been a little off kilter at home because of the whole kitchen thing. I can decide to just get over it, if I want, but I’m not sure that is where I’m at yet. I’m still not completely prepped for the semester. I still need to buy a few more book and I’ll head to campus to do that today. Plus, there is a book on reserve that I need to read for a class. It looks like each Wednesday, even though it is a ‘day off’, I will be heading to campus anyways. I don’t want to spend all my cash on buying books this semester, especially not when to buy them all would cost about $600. So, I’m taking advantage of a library copy of one and the fact that one professor put all his books on reserve. This also means that some books I’m just not going to buy, maybe I’ll see if I can borrow them from classmates or just get by without them. But one class has me reading only 100 pages of a book, come on, that isn’t worth the $30 that I have to pay for it. Of course, another class with 5 or 6 books, we’re reading a book a week. I really need to get started on those.

So, this is an intensive semester in terms of material, reading volume, and lack of drive. I can say that a few of my classes are interesting at least. No, I don’t have a real passion for what most of them are talking about, but I am amused enough to not feel like life is bleeding out of my skull throughout class. This makes sitting through the 1.5 or 3 hour classes much easier. But, I think I’ll start dragging a laptop along or at least some other reading material to make better use of my time.

Well, it is getting late and I’ve not showered and dressed yet. I better get moving if I want to make use of today. Plus, keep out of the house as much as possible, at least till Megan heads off to class this evening. Then I can get all the house cleaning (minus kitchen) done that I’ve been needing to do. Yeah, perhaps it is about time to get over the whole kitchen thing, but man it sure riles me up when I think about. Prolly why I’ve just avoided the house as much as possible so there is no chance for me to go smarting off about it, cause I’m sure I’d say way more than I should and prolly end up without a place to live in the process. Yes, I love them both very much and, though t may not sound like it at the moment, am very grateful for everything that have done and are doing for me and Alex (which is an great amount). But, I can’t let this go.