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May 24, 2005

time to start flying

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Well, I’ve taken small break from the whole [FlyLady] thing and it is time to get back into gear. The most useful part of the whole system is the rationalie of, get up and do something right now. Of course, I just opened this browser window and haven’t actually gotten up yet, but I’m heading there. You gotta get fully dressed to shoes and will need to go shine the sink just to know that there is something fully tackled within the first 15 minutes of action. Then it is menu planning time, menus for the weekend, for next week. And packing list compilations. I sure wish I’d done what Dave has, a spreadsheet for packing for burning man that can easily be adjusted for pdf. Maybe this is the year to start that so I don’t have to keep thinking of what to bring each time. Okay, enough with updating and time to get shaking. Woot!!

Oh yeah, today’s to-do list also includes picking up the liquid nitrogen for making ice cream at pdf. woot!