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May 31, 2005

returned, rested, reply

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We got home from Playa del Fuego dead tired yesterday. Arrived in the middle of a rain storm. Crawl out of the truck, dug out the tarp, and just covered the bed of the truck, went inside, showered, and crawled in bed. Looks like I’ll be doing the unpacking this afternoon, body is still feeling the pull of the weekend.

So, in response to the weekend:

Best summary for me is a conversation with Jill. She wandered by and asked, “Isn’t this the best PDF ever?” To which I smiled and said no. “Oh, I’m sorry your not having a good time,” she responded. Oh no, I was having a fabulous time, it was nice and chill, great vibe, laid back, splendid. Just, not the best one ever, and exactly what I needed that weekend. My response in no way implies that it was not a truly fabulous weekend, because it sure was, great indeed.

So, I had a great time, the hammocks were great. The color cubes worked out once my design got a little bit of support. I learned several things for doing this again next time, like mark and measure and build in supports. The burn barrel looked awesome and attracted visitors just like I wished.

The liquid nitrogen was a blast. The ice cream, the thai tea flavor, was far more delish than I imagined. While we were making it, I was telling Chris that I would have selected a flavor a little easier to make (and that, of course, chris would have selected a flavor difficult to make). The compressing of the tea gunk was a chore, but ooooooh!!! so worth it. And thanks for Oryx for stopping by and coming up with another recipe, And! going to the store for all the ingredients for the chai tea ice cream batch. It was a hit.

Sunday night, we were sitting around the burn barrel trying to come up with something fun for the rest of the liquid nitrogen. Our pyro tricks with the liquid ozygen we pulled out of the air were a major dissapointment. Finally, we got to freezing alcohol. So, it was great to walk around, offering up frozen vodka spread on chocolate. We also dished up frozen peach schnapps spread on crackers once the chocolate was gone, and for the really hard core people or the ones just fascinated with the concept of frozen vodka, frozen vodka spread on crackers (disgusting, btw).

Met some great new people, had a blast hanging out with the same people, and just a wonderful time in all. Alex had a great time, free rein most of the weekend since she was running around with the GPS/FRS raido. Was sweet to be able and poll her location to find out where she was at the moment. Also, amusing to check out her raid about mid weekend since it was tracking her path everywhere she went and it was almost black with crisscrosses and movement. She was moving nonstop all weekend it seemed. Finally got to wrangle her back in for burn night and keep her with me for a while. having Christian to hang out with was a major plus for all the parent. Made out leashes a little shorter as well. Hopefully I won’t hear any reports of anyone being terrorized (perhaps too much) by Alex over the weekend. Tried to get her running around with me during the day, but she was always off and running to something new with more energy than I could muster up in the hot sunlight. I’m glad that she had a blast and was diligent about applying the sunscreen, she sure is a great kid!

Already excited about bringing and doing more next time. I think organizing space and offering up services is a great way to go. Wonderful time, and I have some pictures online soon. Ones Chris took, since I only pulled out my camera to get the lit burn barrel pics.