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May 21, 2005

one down, next to go

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 6:19 pm

With the semester finished, I’m now in full-on PDF mode. I thought I’d get a little downtime between both projects, but today was too nice of a day to miss out on being productive. I’ve cut the wood for all the vertical struts for the color boxes. I really need names for my projects, I also need a name for the camp as well. But all I come up with is really lame star titles. But, seems like Stop Trying And Rest might work out, but yeah, that is pretty lame too.

Bah, I’m not a camp, it is just my camp with a whole lot of real estate. Oh well, maybe something will come to me, maybe not. Either way, progress just the same. I need to go pick up some grommets and a grommet too, some ____ screws–keep forgetting what Chris keeps calling them, and some office materials to store away all of the school stuff. If I leave know, I know that I’ll be stopping out for dinner as well. Hmmm, really should be spending money on production and not consumption.