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May 11, 2005

news to me

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Man kills family and then self.

First, things like this shouldn’t happen, but I don’t find them quite so surprising when they do. Maybe because I’ve had family members hold so family secrets pretty tightly leaving all of us totally unaware until post death secrets are revealed.

Sexy smell

Ooh, a study showing physiopsychological differences between sexual scent responses in gay and strait men. Who’d a thunk? Ha.

Psychosis or heart failure, take your pick

[Chlorpromazine] had the brand name of [Thorazine], [haloperidol] is [Haldol], and [pimozide] is [Orap], each are anti-psychotic drugs. Not a flavor that I’d ever be taking, I tend to stick with [aripiprazole]/[Abilify] or [olanzapine]/[Zyprexa], drugs that are so new (in my opinion) that it is really just russian roulette with your brain since there hasn’t been enough time and enough patients using these drugs to really know what the long term effects or unexpected side effects will be. But hey, walkin-talkin without the world swallowing you whole or your thoughts dribbling out of your ears is better than nothing (until we know what nothing turns out to be).

Naked Women

Well, not so naked it seems. This is just a blog article I stumbled upon (I’m building up my blog reading list in anticipation of having time to do so soon) and just felt like sharing this. I’m amazed at how clothed women are in the locker room. And, there is the issue of modesty and development. Growing up, I never really saw a naked woman except in magazines. I thought that what was in those nude magazines and in popular magazine was what women looked like and somehow, something was wrong with me because I had hair in places others didn’t, my breasts didn’t look he same as other womens, my body didn’t match the only examples I could find. And still, it is hard to realize that bodies come in so many shapes and formats and all sorts of things are normal, they’re just typically air brushed out and not talked about in print. Women should get naked, together, more.