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May 19, 2005

loose ends and impossibilities

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Well, my productive semester has really paid off and not really paid off. Today I will put the finishing touches on two papers due this afternoon. Then tomorrow, I will somehow do my best to write a 25 page paper on topics I know very little about, especially seeing as how I just got some books from the UMBC library yesterday to flush out some details. So, all As and one F or something like it. Argh, I keep trying to not let that last grade really upset me, but not sure what to do about it either. I should have started on this project way sooner, but still don’t really understand it. Oh well, I’ll get by I’m sure. But, even if I get an F, I’ll still have over a 3.0 this semester, but that isn’t much consolation because I will have to take the class again since it is for my major.