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August 12, 2005

laptop is home and going right back

Filed under: life, geek — suzanne henderson @ 11:00 pm

Aww, look another new hard drive and a still broken laptop. Well, they did replace my screen housing which has been damaged for quite a while. That also meant a whole new top case too, so it looks like a brand new computer lacking the scratches of my old top case. But, they didn’t fix the problem and I’m sending it right back along with sending a letter of complaint to apple. Cause, really, 3 support submissions and it is still broken.

I’m thinking about going up to Pennsylvania today. There is some Dutch country stuff that looks like it’d be interesting and it would be a nice quite solo vacation that I just might enjoy. But, it is going to be in the mid to upper 90s today, so I might decide to only go if I can find air conditioning, which is unlikely but still possible.