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June 8, 2005

i’ve an awesome kid…

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sometimes I think I forget just how amazing this kid of mine is. I don’t think about it for a while and then something gets me in a conversation about her and I rattle off a few things and think “Wow, what an awesome kid!” On #channel, I mentioned mowing the yard in large geometric patterns for Alex. She really likes mowing the lawn these days and I’ll certainly help facilitate that if I can (plus, the lawn was getting really out of hand). However, sometimes things can go a little too far.

Alex’s principal lives next door as a tenant of our neighbors. The neighbors graciously mowed our lawn a couple times recently, quite kind and generous of them. However, Alex did not take this so kindly, so she tells her principal to tell our neighbors to not mow our lawn without asking first (or so Alex tells me). And, we find out that the message has be relayed to the neighbors when Megan gets an email about what her “tenant’s daughter” had said, that they were to stay off the property. Megan kindly replied thanking them for mowing and tried to clear up some confusion and let them know that what Alex really wanted was to be able to mow the lawn again. The next day, Alex got a ride to school from the neighbor (due to unique circumstances where the neighbor picked her up at the bus stop and took her on into school). That evening, I mentioned to Alex that perhaps her phrasing wasn’t the best way to handle the situation, at which she rolled her eyes and whines “I know, I don’t want to talk about it again!” It seems that the neighbor clearly expressed her opinion about the matter on the way to school that morning. Overall, I find the entire situation amusing and the thought of a child asking people to not mow the lawn so that she can do it instead is precious.

Now, on a less confrontational topic, Alex was assigned to build an musical instrument for school. She decides to make a harp. So, I send her off to the workshop to see if Chris has any wood laying around she can use. When I show up down there, she’s selected 4 boards about 2.5 feet long each and is ready to drill holes and screw the corners together. There she is, wielding the drill and carefully placing holes and screws in just the right places. However, the electric screwdriver is a little too heavy for her to manage, so she hand screws in a few screws and Christ helps her with the others. And then, she wants to cut off of the wood that is sticking out and out comes the sawzall. There she is, working the sawzall, not cutting off any toes, nervous but still proceeding with instruction. And she ends up with a harp frame that she has created. The next day, she’s gathered up some of the eye screws I have left from PDF and has them all inserted in no time. Of course, we’ve not explained to her that her idea might not work without a box/chamber to echo the sound, but we’ll see how today goes and if she notices this issue and tries to troubleshoot it. Now, we need some sort of string material. All I have is metal wire, maybe that will work or maybe we’ll find some fishing line.