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June 14, 2005

headaches and drugs

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My head still hurts. These multi-day headaches really eat my energy. Megan asks why I don’t see a doctor about them and it is because I don’t want yet another drug-solution to a problem. It seems as though, in certain situations, people are not allowed to have personal preferences. As in, I really hate taking medication, regardless what it is but others seem to try and make me feel stupid for it. I do not like the idea of some chemical substance working through my body to some end. Yes, it prolly works and if it means the end to pain it should be a easy solutions. But I don’t want that solution and I will simply deal with the pain until something else, that doesn’t involve ingesting more serious chemicals, provides a solution. Because I really hate taking medications but I still take two daily is pretty much why taking anything else feels like more than I am willing to do. Now, I will take over the counter medications occasionally when I finally break down and decide some relief is needed. I don’t know why those get an occasional green light, and perhaps if there was already a migraine relief medication in my cabinet I might break down and take that. But, I’ll wait till I’m almost miserable first, which Megan doesn’t understand, which doesn’t make a lot of sense (I know) to her, but it is still the way I prefer to do things. And, my body, my choice–right?