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June 13, 2005

gone and back again

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so, i did go after all. I basically kept forcing myself to get up and get stuff together since time was moving so slowly and it would give me that opportunity to go if I wanted to. However, by the time we got in the car, I felt shocked that I’d gotten so into the pattern and rhythm of packing and had forgotten that I wanted to think through the idea a bit more. So, we’re driving towards 29, just minutes from the house, and I’m muttering to myself how I really don’t want to be going. But, we get there after a lot of fussing and way after dark. I’m pretty mad at being there because I wanted to stay in the motel in Cumberland that we stopped at, but was way too fussy and irritable to actually argue to stay, despire the fact that we drove all the way into town and I’d just stopped and checked vacancy and price for a room. But, Chris though a $100 for a night was a bit high, I didn’t care. I’d have paid almost anything to not be camping that night, but instead I just huffed and puffed back to the camp. Childish of me, of course.

So, I don’t know how much to say about the weekend. I can discuss the Friday night events that had me saying how cool the lightning show was from the tent up until I was being dripped on and falling into a miserable mess. And that was the weekend overall, period of fun and happiness and moments of dying for escape. It worked out okay, I could run away into my book when I needed too or take a walk when everything was too overwhelming. Alex had an amazing time and it was great watching everyone have fun. I got to play a new game that I plan to go and pick up today: [Jungle Speed].

We came home on Saturday night. I had a headache and was finally done with dealing with everything. Chris didn’t mine coming home and Alex did great, even though she was not happy about the idea. The headache still has not gone away, so I am glad we got home. Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. I got some things done and we all went swimming in the afternoon for a couple hours. Then during dinner we all watched a movie together. I’m glad that Alex got to have fun even though we came home. I am feeling a little better but still somewhat overwhelmed by life in general. But, I think that is fading away now that this weekend is finally over.

Oh, Alex is excited because this is her last week of school. They go until Wednesday and then it is only a half day. Looks like summer is here.