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June 3, 2005

getting money matters in order

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Well, I’ve been hearing about how it is the time to consolidate student loans and I finally finished the process. I was all nervous about which org to select and how to go about it, but I am comfortable with my choices. I’m going with the federal direct consolidation method just because I trust them and have always had really good experiences dealing with them. Plus, it is easy to get information about my loans from them and I can remember who they are easily. Now my 6 student loans will be combined into one which should make things a whole lot easier for me to manage.

In other money matters, I’d received an invoice from Alex’s summer camp stating that I still owed them $660. Considering several payments had already been made, I was a bit shocked to see this. But, I called and it turns out that a few of the accounts, mine included, had an error in printing. Seems all the payments, other than the BYM scholarship ($75) were left off. So, good news is that all payments are accounted for and the final amount due is covered. For a moment I was in a panic because I added up what was left to be $410 and I was only planning to cover another $55. Then I remembered that my work grant credit for working there a week wasn’t added in yet. That was a relief and I was right in just needing to cover the last $55. That is now taken care of and once we go get some more camp gear, Alex will be all set for her first sleep-away camp. I’m excited for her.