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March 25, 2005

friday so soon?

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 1:39 pm

was supposed to be going camping this weekend, but not any more. i have way too many things to do and catch up on. i’ve been sick and that took out the majority of my spring break. oh well, not gonna stress over it.

other news, i got me a boyfriend. heh, seems quite silly to say, but i’m in the funny-giddy-happy stage, so i’ll say it just the same. we’ve been seeing lots and lots of each other for over three months now. and, i thought it out over and over and over and decided, yeah-i do like him, and asked him to go steady. how cute or sappy or something like it.

there have been a lot of realizations lately, part of which led to me accepting/wanting an official boyfriend, someone that gets to be mine and the other way around. therapy hit a useful point a few weeks ago, pointing out why i think a certain way and how it affects so many things. and, knowing that, i have been able to step back from lots of things and consider if i react the way i want to react or if i am responding to the defensive thoughts i have about everything. and well, decided that i get to make my choices, what i like is good enough, and I don’t have to feel like i am always working to make others happy. of course, this isn’t a complete turn around or a fix-all solution, just one that I find quite useful.