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July 20, 2005

drowning in ideas…

Filed under: life, geek — suzanne henderson @ 9:51 pm

i need a flow chart or some organizational ideas…. pretty quick. so, i’m finally taking the time to do something with this site even though i know that it will be rather short lived since the semester will start up and then i’ll be drowning in deadlines and pta meetings again. and so, i need to figure out what to do. i thought i would just combine everything because that it what makes sense to me, it is easier for me to just pour everything here because it is who i am. i am a person who likes to read [books], make [art], do [geek] stuff (well kinda), go to [burner] events, enjoy my [family], [cook], and a whole lot more.

However, I don’t know the best approach. I feel like pulling in all of my [fishy] content, but can’t even begin to imagine how to do that. I sort of envy how [rob|rob carlson] has all of his content in one place but then, epistolary doesn’t serve the same purpose that xixstar or fishy needs to. Looks like I need to work on defining that purpose a bit more and figure out the best method for sharing this information with the world.

I like these cute little sites with the three little columns and all the information all nicely bundled, but that isn’t going to happen. i want to say what i want to say and then go on with whatever else there is to do. aww. to much to think about right now, i’ll just finish setting up [NetNewsWire] and see if I want to use it or not. If I do, looks like I’ll no longer need to open endless browser windows just to catch up on a few things. Of course, I kinda like doing that too. But, maybe then I can stay on top of the things I like even in the middle of the semester.

In life news: I managed to get [xixstar] and [fishy] fully functional before a dinner of mac and cheese with broccoli and a side of asparagus. as i was getting my glass of water, i looked out the window and noticed a turtle striding past my car. after alex and i had finished, we went out to see just how far the swift fellow had gone and took a few pictures in the too-little evening light.