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December 29, 2005

I -heart- my control journal

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I’ve mentioned [flylady] in the past in this post. I’ve also talked about it a bit with friends, but not in too much detail. So, if you’re familiar with it, this post will make sense; if not, then probably not. If you need help keeping your life more organized and house clean, then I really suggest you look into the book [Sink Reflections] and the flylady website and email lists. If you’re also behind on household things, there is a chance that homecooked meals are also lacking in your life and for that I’d also suggest [Saving Dinner] the book, the website, and their menu mailers.


Due to being a fulltime student, I have to rearrange my schedule every semester. The days that I run errands or the days I need a crockpot meal must be shifted to another day when my class hours change. This means that I have to make changes to my control journal. When I first started doing flylady, I remember hearing about how we were not supposed to become perfectionists with our control journals, but I couldn’t help it. I love making documents and lists and it is really something I take joy in doing. This change of semester is also a good time for me to look at my zone and house blessing schedules and see where I could improve things.

Yesterday, I took apart my weekly house blessing list (it includes 15 rooms) and broke the tasks down. Before, I had “Bathrooms (all three): sweep, polish mirrors, empty trash, …” but I noticed that I couldn’t mark it off unless I’d done all three bathrooms; sometimes I’d only get 2 done. So now, I have a separate list for each bathroom and also separated all other combined tasks. For some, this may be overwhelming because the page that was once just one column is now two full columns, but it means that I’m able to mark more things off the list when I do them. For example, emptying all the trash cans was just one task before but now I get to mark it off for 12 of the rooms. The additional lines that get crossed off are a better representation of the work done than just one little line and it feels good to see the checkmarks.

Also, I think this also helps my daughter (age 10). She has chores every day and is free to chose her chores and can have as much or as little variety as she wants. The only requirement is to pick from the list of weekly house blessing or something from the current zone. I ask that she does 15 minutes worth of work, wether that is one task or three. She used to complain about the chores she was required to do because she didn’t like having to do the same thing every week or being told what she had to do. Now, she gets a lot of options — sometimes too many at the beginning of the week and too few at the end — and things are moving much more smoothly.