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June 8, 2005

caught in wild

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 10:08 am

Limited light breaks through the piney leaves and tall weeds congregating outside my window. What was once the clear view of wintery trees and greylight mornings, is now glowing green and masked in shadows. The air is still and calm, sunlight dripping heavily on the towering weed on a marathon course to surpass the resident bush in height and stature. It is intimidating intruder with it sharp leaves and thorny protrusions from its ominous stalk. The grass stands talk next to it, motivated by it’s quick progress to the sky. I want to go and tear some of it back, to claim possession over my rooms dose of sunlight, but it warns me to stay put. It suggests, in a not so polite manner, that I am best suited here behind the glass, here among the cool breeze of the a/c, here where I’m powerless to nature. But I shall fight back, sneak out into the heat pouring down, and at least snap a photo it. Oh, but it betrays the lens, blending into its green camouflage and nearly invisible to the camera. So, I shall just sit here and wonder when I will venture out and hack it down. Plus, I notice the tulips have grown tall and soon will bloom, that I shall like to see without this piney beast stealing the show.