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June 9, 2005

books and movies

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I’m busy with drowning in other realities right now. I keep thinking I’ll pick up out of it soon and head back into the mess of my room and dig out the filthy kitchen floor at some point, but in the mean time I’m hiding in books and movies.

Currently reading: [The Time Traveler’s Wife] by [Audrey Niffenegger]. I am completely absorbed by this book which is good because it is one of the 7-day loan books from the library. I am also reading another book, [The Snow Fox] by [Susan Fromberg Schaffer]. This one isn’t hooking me in as fast at the Time Traveller book, but that is okay. It is my car book, so it can go slow and I won’t care. I got so tired of showing up places and having to wait and having nothing to read that I bought 3 books and stored them in the car for such situations.

Now, the movie list is pretty long. I’ve been watching about a movie a day lately, and it stems from my netflix subscription and the movies around the house. There have been good movies and crappy movies.

Today I watched [Hotel Rwanda] and it had a pretty powerful impact. That one is still stirring around in my head and my actually response prolly won’t flush itself out until about 3am (I haven’t been sleeping well lately). I’ve recently watched: [The Bourne Identity], [The Bourne Supremacy], [About a Boy], [Along Came Polly], [The House of Yes], [Jeffrey], [Tipping the Velvet], [A Fish Called Wanda], [America’s Sweethearts], [Himalaya], [Sophie’s Choice], [Camp], [Tempopo], and more. A lot of these are the crumbs from the M&m’s movie collection. I’ve seen almost all of their movies and am now just picking up things, regardless of interest, and watching them. I’ve seen a lot of crappy stuff recently because of this. I hope to get decent movie responses into [fishy] at some point soon, but this is just a starting point. At least I’ve a list that I can start from.