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July 2, 2005

a fine night out

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Chris and I went out on a date last night since I’ll be out of town for a week. I got a little dressed up to which Chris got even more dressed up. He sure cleans up well. :) We made reservations at [Cafe de Paris] in [Columbia, MD]. It is a nice little place, we got a glass of wine at the bar as our table was readied for us, a nice shiraz for me and something french for chris. I’ll eventually learn wine and to remember the names, for now I’ll simply enjoy drinking it still.

The restaurant offers a special that include an appetizer, main course, and dessert. We got that but I was sad to hear that they had just sold out of the shrimp and scallop appetizer that I wanted, so I settled for a caesar salad–not much of a comparison, really. For the main course I got one of the chef’s specials, a fish dish that sounded so wonderful I couldn’t pass it up. Mostly impressive because I don’t really like fish but the description was amazing and Chris urged my desire to order it. I was not disappointed at all. Wow it was yummy. I wish I knew what kind of fish it was; it reminded me of a cross between salmon and tuna. Dessert was okay, creme brulee, but a little too crispy on top.

We had plans to go see a movie after dinner as well. However, halfway through dinner I finished my first glass of wine and instead of simply getting another glass we ordered a bottle of something very interesting, again I don’t recall the name. And, by the time we were done with that and all the food, a movie seemed like over kill on a wonderful evening.

So now, Chris has run off to VA to check out some machining machinery “for work” though I wouldn’t be surprised if something comes back for his workshop as well. It is kinda cute to see him talk about going, like kids going to a toy store. And he and his buddies were trying to get all coordinated to go together, so adorable. And now, I must finally pack for my trip and get on the road as well. I need to be there by 1:30 but I think I’ll aim for noon instead.