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March 25, 2005

Book Review: Everything you NEVER wanted your kids to know about SEX (but were afraid they’d ask)

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book by Justin Richardson, M.D. and Mark A. Schuster, M.D.

A book addressing all of those difficult sex questions, and the basic ones too, for infants through teenagers. The authors make a strong initial point, parents need to decide what their views are about sex and what they want to portray to their children. This book will not tell you what you should, or to what degree, tell your kids about specific situations. However, it does raise several questions that will get parents thinking about why they may be reluctant to address specific issues.

I feel that this book is very useful for parents who feel that sexual development is an important part of growing up. Many issues are raised that need discussing either between parents (so they know what they want to say if a question is asked) or to children. I found the aspects that go beyond simple intercourse made this book very valuable. Discussing masturbation and establishing that it is okay to masturbate was dealt with very well.

The book does a good job of avoiding placing any judgement calls on the topics discussed or parents possible feelings toward them. It does present plenty of real life possible situations, ones that most parents may hope will never happen, and how to turn it into a positive discussion about sexuality.

A few of the topics covered in this book: nudity, masturbation, puberty, std’s, safe sex, sexual orientation…

friday so soon?

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was supposed to be going camping this weekend, but not any more. i have way too many things to do and catch up on. i’ve been sick and that took out the majority of my spring break. oh well, not gonna stress over it.

other news, i got me a boyfriend. heh, seems quite silly to say, but i’m in the funny-giddy-happy stage, so i’ll say it just the same. we’ve been seeing lots and lots of each other for over three months now. and, i thought it out over and over and over and decided, yeah-i do like him, and asked him to go steady. how cute or sappy or something like it.

there have been a lot of realizations lately, part of which led to me accepting/wanting an official boyfriend, someone that gets to be mine and the other way around. therapy hit a useful point a few weeks ago, pointing out why i think a certain way and how it affects so many things. and, knowing that, i have been able to step back from lots of things and consider if i react the way i want to react or if i am responding to the defensive thoughts i have about everything. and well, decided that i get to make my choices, what i like is good enough, and I don’t have to feel like i am always working to make others happy. of course, this isn’t a complete turn around or a fix-all solution, just one that I find quite useful.

March 15, 2005

swimming in time…

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.. and swerving to miss all the floating drift wood, jagged rocks, and massive jellyfish. I’m not drowning, at least. I am not sure when I will get a few moments to pull my nose out of a book, fingers away from a paper, or eyes out of a nap (taken whenever I can). I’ve outlined out everything I need to do, day by day, for the next two months. Time to get kicking and rolling on some major projects and hopefully get some done earlier than later.

Spring Break is next week and I am so ready for it. It won’t really be a break though, lots of stuff to catch up on instead. I need to make some major strides in the research department and catch up on reading that has fallen behind. I just realized that I have another 10 pages of research added to the 102 I’m already doing this semester. Luckily, one paper has been turned in already and the other one will be dealt with later.

After my spring break comes alex’s. Too bad they don’t coincide. well out of time, back to shopping for camping/hiking gear.

Book Review: Sink Reflections

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book by Marla Cilley - The FlyLady

A book focusing on home organization. This book provides a realistic view and method for getting organized, decluttering, and cleaning your house. Finally a system that takes in considerations people with habitual procrastination and difficultly following a organizational plan.

The FlyLady method really focuses on starting small, very small, and working up from there. She points out that you shouldn’t try to suddenly organize and clean your life overnight, or in a week. Instead, you should work on establishing certain habits or patterns, realized that it takes weeks to start a new habit, and work up from there. Major cleaning tasks, if you must tackle a major task, are broken up into 15 minute increments. It is amazing how many things can get done when broken up like that.

House cleaning is broken into small, manageable chunks of time and tasks spread throughout the week. Each week focuses on one area of the house, so there is no need to try to clean everything every week. And all of these tasks are done Monday through Friday, leaving the weekend free for fun family time.

For people concerned about getting their family members help, FlyLady points out that if you want the house clean and if it makes you happier, then it is up to you to clean it. This was a great one for me, I felt very overwhelmed trying to clean the house alone and would get mad that no one was helping. When I finally accepted that having a clean house is something that is important to me (and not as much to everyone else) and that it makes me happy, I was able to let go of the frustration that I was doing it alone. And, as FlyLady suggested, family members began to help out more when they saw me taking such an active role in keeping things clean.

Also, this system also focuses on removing any guilt you have about your messy situation. A wonderful consideration for people who feel so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to start. And, again, she focuses on taking small steps. No need to suddenly turn a brand new leaf and decide you’ll do everything perfectly from here on out.

I found this book to be extremely helpful in changing my view toward housework and organization. I admit that I am still at the babysteps stage, but I manage to keep my sink clean (it’s important, read why) and my kitchen running smoothly.

The [FlyLady] website is another resource for email reminders and good tips to keep you motivated.