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May 10, 2004

short recap - haha

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Normally, when I think an entry will be short, it ends up way too long.

Friday - I was completely out of it come Friday morning. I had a million things to do, or so it felt, and was just a repeat of the day before and the day before that. By one I was feeling worn out and wanted to curl up under my desk.

I got to have lunch a [Ding How], my favorite place in Fells Point. It’d been quite a while and I was happy to be there. I love any place that you can get great food, lots of it, and leftovers for a very good price. I got to catch up with [Rob|Rob Carlson] too. It seems like it’s been a great while since we had talked, so I was feeling good when we parted ways and went back to work.

Once I finished another dozen tasks, I was headed toward home and a Parent-Teacher conference. The conference went very well, in fact, I was very impressed with it. Seems Alex’s teacher was sympathetic to many of my issues and seemed to silently confirm that we’ve certainly taken several steps backwards in school quality. I’m not sure if it implied educational quality too, but at this point, I’m inclined to think so.

After that, was a quick jaunt home and some mental organizing before continuing the Friday Frenzy of activity. As I was running out the door to meet some new friends for drinks, Alex called to see if Alex could come over and work on Mother’s Day projects. So, both of us hopped in the car, dashed over to Dave and Steph’s, and then I was off to the [94th Aero Squadron Restaurant].

I was a bit run down at this point, wasn’t even really losing steam since I felt like all the water and heat had already faded away. I was grateful that I’d changed plans earlier in the week and wasn’t running to downtown DC, but still worried I wasn’t gonna be feel up being social and my typical charming self. But once I completed my 7 minute drive to the restaurant, I was already recollecting myself.

The evening drinks turned out to be quite uplifting and rewarding. The conversation was wonderful and it felt like the perfect conclusion to the fits of motion I’d been trudging through all week. Time slipped away quickly and I ended up staying out longer than I thought I would, which was fine. I left the restaurant feeling giddy from the change of pace and most importantly from getting along so well with some new people. There’s always that chance or possibility things won’t go well or will feel awkward, and there wasn’t an ounce of that present. Quite a nice time.

And just when I thought that Friday should be over, I stop back and Dave and Steph’s and find Dave also waiting on dinner plans. After a bit, he gets a call for us to go grab a table for 7 at [Mandalay], because the stop seating at 9:45 and it was 9:35 already. We arrive just in time, after a bit of friendly heckling, we (dave, steph, alex, mark, megan, ed, alex, and I) sit down and rattle off an order for food. Yum. I love their food and especially their mango salad. Dinner was fun and relaxed. I finally feel like I’ve really found my place with that group and can enjoy myself stress free.

After getting our fill, we headed to the cars and proceeded to say goodnights and goodbyes. And just when Mark though he knew what was going on and stopped paying attention to the conversation, Megan suddenly had agreed to the Alex-Alex request: sleepover at Meganís. Of course, Dave, Steph, and I did what any parents would do, we hurried into the car before anyone changed their mind. And eventually, after that long day, it was back under the sheets I woke up in, covered in feelings of happiness and love.

Saturday - Dave tries to get Steph and I up and around early enough to bike over to the Farmer’s Market with him. However, we both agree that laying in bed longer sounds better right then. Finally, we’re up much later, and Megan picks me up on her way home from class and takes me to gather the Alex’s.

Later, Dave meets up at the Meeting house, for some [Circle Dancing] and then potluck. Then, we get home with enough energy to work in the yard before it’s dark. We snack for dinner and retire to watching a movie, [Real Women Have Curves] from my Netflix queue. And then sleep.

Sunday - Alex and Alex have made a small breakfast buffet for Steph and I for Mother’s Day (Dave is allowed to have some too). I was very touched by this, it feels like the first time Alex has ever thought through a project that I would really enjoy. So we were able to get some food before heading to Meeting.

Meeting was hard for me because lots of people were really pressed with current events about the abuses that had been commented on and things on that level. I was feeling over sensitive and had a hard time keeping together and not running out of meeting early. I’m still struggling with the messages and my own thoughts. I feel so guilty that I chose to hide away from those realities. I feel bad that I’m not able to take in that information and move it to some kind of useful or productive response. Instead, it tears at my heart, constricts my lungs, and pulls pain through my stomach. I know these realities exists in life, but I’m not in an emotional state that I can handle them.

Sunday did perk up, though was filled with lots of emotionalness for a while. Lots of things that needed done were done (and done quite well heehee) and more yard work was completed. After dinner and a massage, Alex and I finally returned to our house. Alex (who owns the house) teased me, saying I’d been gone for so long, he thought I didn’t like it there any more. So he is now starting to think of things to do for me that will make me like the house more and be there more often. It nice being wanted even in a house that you feel so disconnected with.

so yes, there is the short recap. ha!