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May 21, 2004

pattern recognition

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I’ve always felt that of times of great change in my life, I notice patterns. When something is about happen, something from the ordinary will stick out just enough to get my attention.

I used to always been drawn to the presence of birds at times like these. Either them flying very close, singing too loud, or just catching my attention away from the task at hand. These moments are full of optimism and curiosity. I start seeking out what, in my life, needs more attention and care.

Today, I passed a young bird, covered wiht feathers too new to be useful, lying in the parking lot. I frowned and shuffled on into work, trying to figure out what the sudden presence of dead birds means. Must death be so forebrooding? So ugly, so hard to swallow? Hmm, I’m not too partial to the negative impression of death, but I am wondering, what is trying to get my attention, and why this way?