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May 4, 2004

over and over again

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I typed up two entries yesterday. One was consumed by the accidental press of a mouse button, the second was surrendered to sleep. So, yesterday happened, there, you’ve been informed.

I had something to type about today, what was it…. oh yes, ranting. Hmmm, I’m not really in a ranting mood, but I’m still mad.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with Alex’s teacher cause I’m not happy with her school work or most anything about her school. Also, it’s time to work on getting alex moved up a grade too. I think if we’d stayed at Villa Cresta it wouldn’t have been as much a problem because they were more on top of academics there. However, I can’t let it slide at a school that seems to have little interest in the academic or emotional progress of their students. Sigh, I have issues with this school, great and numerous ones.

So, I’ve been trying to reach Alex’s teacher and I finally get a note back with a phone number and the days she is available. Assuming, since I’d already called the school to leave her a message, this was a home number I could reach her at, I make sure and wait till she would be home to call. Nope, it’s the school’s number (we haven’t been there long enough for me to recognize it). Damn I miss Villa Cresta where the teachers made sure to make themselves available and reachable for parents. So I am now waiting yet another day, till I can call her from work and hope that I get to make appointment and not just leave another message. Sigh.

Other news: the sun is shinning!