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May 11, 2004

and it started so nicely

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I had a new dress and a new slip to wear. I felt pretty, walking in sunlight. I got all sorts of compliments this morning, I felt giddy. I established a midday adventure with a friend, I felt excited. And, then plans fell through, no running off to the park with company. I was dissapointed and mad. But I still went, though it didn’t feel so refreshing.

Then I finally saw the details for the Gaian Mind Summer Festival 2004. And I rejoiced, so happy to finally have this information, I’d decided I would go for sure. I even decided I wouldn’t balk at missing the early registration and would pay another $25 to go. I was all prepared to let this at least make up for my day.

And then I saw, the date, not July like I expected, it was the end of June. The end of June when I already have time off. The time in June that Alex is out of school. The time in June that I reserved sites at Assateague. The time in June when my mother will be visiting. Sigh. No Gaian Mind for me this summer, sad sad sad I am. I wanted so much to go, I love the music and feel like I’ve never let myself explore it and the events around it. Through Sara, I’ve gotten hints of a another community that I would really enjoy.

I don’t regret that I have other obligations. I just wish something was on a different weekend. Sigh. Hmm, I wonder if my mom would do a long weekend in the woods at a large trance party. There is lots of dancing exersize to be had, dance dance dance some more. hehe, the thought alone made me smile at least.