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October 27, 2004

lets talk turkey

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well, it ain’t time to gobble the bird just yet. I was actually sitting here pouring out a steady stream of conciousness about educational philosophy and how I don’t know shit about how education should look or work. Kinda scary considering that I’m in the middle of teaching two girls. How many teachers walk into their classroom each morning thinging “I have no clue what I am doing”? Is it just the new teachers that feel like they haven’t gotten their feet wet enough before being thrown to the wolves?

So, yeah, I’m not sure I’m doing anything right or acceptable. I’m guessing that I’m still doing better than the public school option here, but is that enough? No, not really. Of course, we’re still getting started. We’re getting settled into schedules, figuring out what is working, what is not working, and adjusting and moving on from there. So, I will continue wading in the water, doing what I can.

We went to the zoo today. The real reason of the trip was so that I could complete a couple primate observations for my physical anthropology course. I was worried the girls would get annoyed at waiting on me to finish this time intensive task, but they enjoyed the opportunity to observe. Instead of giving the primates the typical five-minute-zoo-sampling observation, they watched the subtle interaction, asked questions about behaviors that would typically be missed in a walk-by viewing.

I was impressed with how much they seemed to get from that portion of the visit. After I finished my assignment, we walked about the zoo in search of some wolves, stumbling upon several neat exhibits along the way. We were exhausted by the time we headed back to Metro.

Luckily the trip home on the train gave us enough of a rest that we were able to bike home with no problem. I’m impressed with the biking the girls have been doing. Yesterday, after time got away from us before we were able to go to the National Building Museum, we went biking. The girls did almost 7 miles that afternoon. Today they did close to 5. The part I like most about getting the girls biking is that it put my total at 17 miles yesterday and 10 today. I’m amazed how many miles I can go in a week without feeling like I’m actually going anywhere at all.

October 26, 2004

visiting places

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Later today, I’m heading (back) to Judiciary Square to get (more) information for an architecture assignment. After spending the time doing that, I’m taking the alexii to the National Building Museum. There is an interesting exhibit on concrete that I think the girls might like. And if not, there are several other things happening that would be neat to see. We’re gonna start a new building project, inspired by the models I see all over the architecture building on campus. I’m really getting into this homeschooling stuff.

Wednesday we’re going to the zoo. I need to go watch primates for a school assignment. I think megan is going with us, yay!

The rest of the week and the weekend will be filled with more moving stuff. It’s not so stressful moving a little at a time. It removes that sudden explosion of boxes in both room. Instead, I get to slowly drain one room as the other one fills up with things already in their proper place. :)

October 17, 2004


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I’m supposed to be doing homework. However, all week long I’e wanted to get over to Megan’s house and start getting my room organized, cleaned, and rearranged so that I can start moving into it. I’m hoping to avoid the boxed moving that I’ve done, since I’m over here often enough that I should just be able to bring enough stuff with me, each time, and I won’t need to box everything away.

of course, that means I have to make the space for everything. I didn’t realize how much of the room the girls had taken over and how much of their stuff is everywhere. Alex helped me out a great deal this morning getting it all in one neat pile, so I managed to sweep, mop, and rearrange half of the room. Now, it’s time to go through the stuff that is there, make neatly sorted piles of stuff that can be taken to somewhere else, and then work on cleaning the other half of the room.

This is gonna take a little more organizational thinking. This house is huge, but we’ve managed to slowly fill it up with people. I’m amazed at how it feels smaller and smaller every time I’m here. So, we need to figure out how to effectively use the remaining space so that everything has a place and everyone still has their own space.

October 14, 2004

pushed myself too far

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If you’re sick, don’t push yourself too far. I did, I knew that I was doing it, and now I’m paying for it. Today is better than yesterday, but I’m still wary of over doing things today and ending up worse off again. So, today I’m taking it wasy again. I might stop over at my house and go through somme more paperwork, organize some more files, and decide the best method for packing up everything I own.

So much for not moving this year. I was working for a woman in Takoma Park but that didn’t work out. It seems that we both needed different things from the arrangements. After looking over my budget again, I came up with a dollar amount that I need to make each month. Turns out that is exactly how much I spend in rent and utilities each month. So, since I’m not really living at casa del Portuguese anymore, just using it for storage, I’m going to move out. I’ll put most of my stuff in storage, with the rest of the stuff I placed in storage at the beginning of the year, and move into Mark and Megan’s house. With this arrangement, I’ll actually be “home” fairly frequently. I’ll get my own room in a house that I already belong to and can call mine when I choose to.

I’m excited about this idea. Relieved that I won’t have to keep balancing school demands and homeschool demands with needing to work. I hope that I can get a little more on top of things at school and be more prepared for working with the girls. And I get to feel like I have a place in the world that I can actually stand to be in.

I’ll go do some more filing this afternoon. I’m getting all my paperwork where it needs to be. Tired of just having piles and piles of paperwork in boxes that I’ll never been able to find something if I need to. Also, there are some medical bills that claim to be unpaid and I’m trying to prove that I have paid them. Feel like I’m in the middle of a great stir of organization.

October 12, 2004


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or so I hear. I find it amusing at how I’ve thought that after burns, and last fall I thought was the best. So, this one sure had potential for raising the bar. I tried to get a ticket last minute but couldn’t find one. Oh well, I was only going to go for Saturday. Instead, spent the day spending all the energy I had, plus a little more, having too much fun. So, certainly not a total waste of a pdf weekend. Then, we went to the corn maize on Sunday, got lost for a couple hours, and came home tired.

For me it was a pretty active week. I biked about 50-60 miles last week and was very active Saturday and Sunday. My body was a little tired yesterday morning on the way to school.

I’ve started a Monday yoga class. Yesterday I was running late and barely made it home in time to leave for the class. In the car on the way there, Dave and I decided that being so rushed and stressed was not the way to start yoga. So we headed over to Lake Artimesia and walked around and de-stressed before heading back to the house. We decided to go to the later class, a good compromise in my opinion. I’m still feeling the class this morning. I think I may have pushed the limits a little too far. Of course, I’ll still be biking to school in an hour, aching body and all.

My life has gone from fairly sedentary to very active. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and way quite happy to check the box ‘yes’ that asked if I had a regular exercise program. I bike about 6-10 miles a day (though I have a hard time figuring out how since campus is less than 2 miles away).

Tonight I’m taking the Alexi to a show on campus at 5:30. We’ll bike over, as long as Alex’s dad bring her bike back this morning. Not sure if I mentioned that the girls got their own bikes (with gears) last month. I still need to do a lesson on gear shifting with them so that they can bike a little more efficiently.

October 8, 2004

survived midterms

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heh, wow, I sound like a sad college kid posting about stuff that is absolutely pointless to everyone. as if anyone cares about what I am or am not doing in school. oh well, my page, my space, take it or leave it.

didn’t do as good as I wanted to the tests, but not feeling too bad about them either. happy to finally feel like I am breathing again. and just in time to catch up this weekend. so much for my hiking idea.

sunday, we’re going to PA to go to some corn maze place. I’m looking forward to it. A weekend of doing something with Alex. Things are going really well with us, not as difficult as it was the months before she went to Oklahoma. I think the new schooling format is really helping with that.

the homeschooling still isn’t going the way I want. I’m starting to think that I should just do things the way that I want on the two days of a week that I have the girls. stop feeling trapped in the structure that everyone else is so attached too and actually do things!

October 4, 2004


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wow, my car has a lot of miles on it.

As my car gets miles, I give miles to Dave’s bike today. My bike broke this weekend, bastard! I’ve been having gear shifting problem since I got the bike. Seems whatever was wrong, was really wrong Saturday. I managed to break the chain and discovered the front derailleur is bent and twisted. Joy! Now I need to get the parts ordered so I can get my bike back in order. In the mean time, I really enjoyed Dave’s bike; it has a really nice feel to it. SO, think he and I will trade off bikes from time to time (since he likes mine too).

Sunday, we went to Ren Fair. Saw my friend Magorn, who I used to visit in chicago all the time (and go have [lettuce wraps] with). It was a nice trip. In the end, my mom’s van had a flat tire. Since the ground was a little soft, we scavenged the van for something to support the jack on. And my mom points out that we can use the bible that was in the back of the car, a signature hallmark moment.

Of course, it turned out that we didn’t use the bible to support the jack. Instead, we ended up needing to call AAA for some additional help. :) We eventually got home. Still a good weekend.

October 1, 2004

oh my god… sleep!

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Finally, I caught up on sleep. Got in bed about 7:30pm last night, determined to get rest and make sure Dave got some sleep too. His sleep for work (5am- 2pm) schedule gets thrown off pretty easily with normal life events. Add in trying to adjust a consistent food schedule to that, and he ends up living on a more independent timeline than the rest of us. I’ve adjusted my schedule to match his a bit more, going to bed at 8:30pm, most nights, and waking up at 5am.

The early morning hours are nice to have. I know that I can get a good amount of work and studying done before I have to wake up the girls or get ready for class. Of course, today I set the alarm for 8:00am, determined to catch up on sleep, and I feel great. There was no fidgeting and laying awake for hours this time, just warm, strong, comforted sleep.

It also really helped that Dave and I got to spend some time re-centering with each other. Our lives have been surrounded by a lot of stress right now, stress that has been present for more than 2 months and no termination date in site. Yesterday was a pretty difficult day for Dave, so being able to talk, reground, and snuggle set us both up for a good nights sleep.

Of course he teases when morning comes (4am for him) for being so “loud” (talkative). Seems to think I’m a freak for being awake so early. And the truth is, I am very awake at 4am, however I can’t get past the fact that it’s 4 in the morning so I normally sleep for one more hour so that it feels reasonable to get up.

This weekend’s plans aren’t set in stone yet, but it sounds like it should be nice. There is a moonlight bike ride around DC on Saturday. Not sure if I’ll make it to that or not, depends on what is happening with Alex. Also, Dave has been wanting to go to Ren Fest, so we need to try and get out there this weekend. And of course, study study study for the 2 midterms next week. Just in time to leave PDF weekend free, calm, and relaxed.