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February 29, 2004

nooggin’ knockin’

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So many things I want to write about, but my head hurts too much to go into it. Last night, I decided to battle my anti-socialness around new groups of people and accepted Dave’s invitation to Mark and Megan’s for a combined birthday party event.

I was social for about an hour but it wasn’t long before I was hiding downstairs alone and listening to the 400 disc play on shuffle. Dave eventually found me and plopped down next to me. Then, after a while, Steph came downstairs to ask a quick question and we managed to steal her away from the party as well.

Finally having them both together, I was able to give them a gift I’d been working on for a while. I was very excited to hand it over and finally stop fretting over it. Basically, it was a weekend getaway packet. It included a 2 night stay at River House near Berkley Springs, VW, a yoga class, 2 bath and massage gift certificates at Berkley Springs, gift certificate for My Organic Market (MOM’s), and gas money. I also added in some of the information about the bike trails I’d found while researching this trip.

I wanted the gift to be more than that, I had planned out this really cool packet with all sorts of information to go into it. However, I also picked this project to learn Calligraphy for, something that needs more practice and patience than I had since I wanted to get done. So, it’s not exactly what I had planned, but I know they liked it anyways.

I got home early enough to still get out and go hiking this morning. I was quite surprised to find that Dave was still up for hiking, figuring the birthday festivities were gonna take him out of service the next morning. Steph had homework and class, so it was another day of hiking that I wasn’t able to drag her along too (I invited her to go last weekend with the rest of the girls). Nicki came with us and I’m amazed how much space a dog can take up in my car.

Today we did two sections of the Billy Goat Trail, despite my intent to do all three (wise move). When we started on the second section, Alex was all about taking the trail back, instead of walking along to tow path. I liked the idea, but still passed the decision off until the end. This time, we did more climbing and rock jumping. I was more interested in finding new paths over the rocks and getting good use out of the new gloves I bought for this hike. I also wanted to avoid some of the millions of people that were there, seems everyone wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather too. By the time we go to the end of the second part, alex’s legs were very tired and moving slow. My muscles were starting to get the exhausted wobble. While I would have been wiling to take the trail back, my steps wouldn’t have been as confident or secure.

We eventually got back to the car, after a long slow walk back. Alex was so tired, her legs were exhausted, and she seemed to not understand why I wouldn’t carry her or give her a piggy back ride. I took the opportunity to remind her of how she wanted to take the trail back… that stopped her complaining for a little while and eventually she settled into the fact that it was a long walk back, but at least it was flat.

So, wow, I’m exhausted and going to sleep now.

February 28, 2004


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Yesterday I stepped outside and was draped with an airy cloak of seasonal memory. The graying sky of sunset’s approach swirled with the crisp breeze pulled me back to summer’s end. The slight shiver an indication of the chilly nights to come. A gold smile pressed into my lips with anticipation of unpacking soft sweaters, sitting on the porch with a mug of hot cider, and watching the sunset spill onto trees. Soon the leaves would be falling and leave bare limbs swaying in the wind.

As I walked to my car, still caught in the indication of the change to come, I realized that this was winter’s whisper of passing. The cool air will soon give way to warm evenings. Winter’s hibernation is ending, my coat will be put away, and the leaves will bloom on the swaying branches.

February 23, 2004

sew , a needle and some thread

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domestication just reached a new level. I sewed together the foam on my headphones. It had been falling apart for a couple years now, and I finally got tired of dealing with it. Much comfier.

my body is aching like crazy. Hiking yesterday and exercising today has put some stress on it. Oh well, it’s a good kind of stress. My energy level is way up, I’ve been in a wonderful mood for the most part of today. The window is open and the night smells good. I’m working on a paper for class that is due at 8am. Now that I can comfortably listen to music, I’m gonna go back to working on that.

February 22, 2004

five billy goats gruff

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5 of us went hiking today: me, Alex, Sara, Sara’s sister (eep, forgot her name), and Christie. We did the Billy Goat Trail off the C&O Canal path. It was a great workout, many rocks to climb up, over, down, and around. Alex got to use a lot of that extra energy she has. We only did the one section of the trail, about 1.7 miles. I want to go back and do the full trail, about 4 miles, maybe next weekend if the weather is nice.

The plan was to come home, get my poi, and head out to spin jam. However, we were hungry so we stopped in to eat at [Beryn Cafe], a place Sara highly recommended. Sunday isn’t the best day to visit them, they only have a partial menu, closing at 3, and were out of a few things when we arrived. I had a falafel sandwich which was tasty and I’ll happily go back another time to eat.

After our late lunch, we walked up the street to [Smile Herb] to look around. Alex and I both got some new soaps. They didn’t have the lettuce one that I love, but this seaweed one smelled nice. Alex ended up with a ginger soap, I’ll ignore the obvious sushi-ness of our selections.

Finally home after 4pm and not wanting to go to spin jam just to leave as soon as I get there. Oh well, there will be other spins. I’ve been on hold with netgear tech support for about 45 minutes, I finally left them a call back number. I expect they will call back about as soon as they return my email. Until then, I think I will take a nap.

February 20, 2004

big fat juicy ones

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Today I wanted to yell out how much I love my friends. They are wonderful and I’m lucky to have them. I don’t know where I get the occasional “nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go eat worms” moments, because there certainly is no reason for it.

My room is almost settled, almost livable, almost ours. I have only 2 more cardboard boxes waiting to be unpacked. Games and toys are on the shelves, books are where they go, lamps are glowing. I’m finally going to retire to some artistic relaxation, drawing to the sound of the fountain flowing.

February 18, 2004

weekend recap

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It may be Wednesday, but my weekend that started on Friday, is still going. Yay for a sick child, I guess, though I’d rather be at work at this point.

This weekend was the [Violet Fire] Tesla Opera in Philly. I managed to get lost on my way there and on my way from there (was headed to Andy’s house for sleep and Sunday morning waffles). So, the weekend kinda took a life of it’s own from there. I made a map of my adventures.

The show was amazing. I was in tears within minutes at the very concept of Tesla singing about his tower and electricity in the air and everything. Along with singing, they had three screens for visuals and dancers. Amazing, simply amazing. I would love to see this show actually developed into a more elaborately produced Opera and shown across the country. Maybe it will. The theater was filled, not a seat left empty.

Unfortunately, I only got to see the first half of the show. Alex has been battling a cold and cough for a week and after an hour, I felt that it was mean to let her sit there coughing (thought quietly-ish) every 12-16 seconds. She was sad to leave because she really wanted to see them bring out a Tesla Coil, I don’t think they did. I was happy to see her so focused on watching the show, I think the visuals and dance elements really helped pull her into it, and probably a good portion of the audience as well. I watched from the lobby for a while longer, hoping to be able to make it to the end. But alex got anxious at having nothing to do and was getting tired from all the coughing and general ill feeling.

Since [Andy|Andy Wing] gave me written directions to his house, we decided to go ahead and head that way. I figured we could grab a bite to eat along the way. While heading west, it seems we missed a turn or the directions were not very clear. However it happened, I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike heading west. Tired from the days worth of setbacks and detours, I decided I was done with the east coast and was going to Wisconsin. Of course, starting a 18 hour drive at 10pm on A Saturday isn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had. So, I got to Harrisburg and decided to get a room and some sleep. Alex and I then turned it into a impromptu vacation. So far, it has been a fun weekend.

February 14, 2004

perks of college town

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I’m sitting at [College Perk Coffeehouse], just finished two cups of chair and tasty peanut butter cookie. Decadence.

As I catch up on my missing internet these past few days, Alex sits in a chair reading her books, eating a chocolate chip cookie, sipping chocolate chocolate milk. She is happy, I am happy.

But, I’ve finally got my internet fix in. Yay! Back to the house and to get ready for the trip to Philly to see [Violet Fire], yipppppppeeeee!

February 7, 2004

sullen girl

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sulˇlen     adj.
1. Showing a brooding ill humor or silent resentment; morose or sulky.
2. Gloomy or somber in tone, color, or portent: sullen, gray skies.
3.Sluggish; slow: the sullen current of a canal.

I’m completely exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally. I’ve finished packing up the tidbits of my life that we’re still littered about 2636 after moving the major containers of existence. I’ve looked around at the rooms and walls that I once thought would be surrounding me for a very long time, whether I liked them a great deal or not. Alex has spent every possible moment playing with her best friend from across the street. And now everything is just small piles of dirt.

I haven’t the energy to do anymore. I wish I did, I wish that time wasn’t catching up on me and that this could be a completely closed moment of my life. But it isn’t happening. The basement still contains stuff that need dealt with. But my energy is gone, I simply wait for the last load of wash to be complete so that I can gather my tiring child into the car and drive to a new house. My approximate 2 hours of sleep last night has run out, I now only hope that it is enough to get home alive. I’m hoping this small break I’m taking for writing will reserve up enough energy to make College Park not seem so far away.

I am sad and I feel broken, which matches up with how the world feels too.

February 3, 2004

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Pharmmsist refused to fill prescription for morning-after-pill

Federal Judge rules Virginia’s ban on late-term-abortion unconstitutional

February 2, 2004

arial dance performance

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Yesterday, Dave, Steph, and I took the Alex’s to go see the arial dance show Winter’s Flight on the North Poles. It was quite fascinating. My favorite dances were Spinning Silk, Fall, and Up & Over the North Poles. Watching the dancers work their way up and twist and tangles themselves so beautifully in two long strips of fabric was amazing. The final dance, Up & Over, filled my head with tons of new costume and performance ideas. And toward the end of the dance, one of the dancers came out wearing [stilts]! Very cool stilts at that.

Thank you [Sara|Sara Sathya] for the heads up about this show.