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May 26, 2003

thankful to be dry

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Subject: [baltwash-burning] thankful to be dry

However, I’m far more thankful for the truly amazing weekend I just had.
The weather was awful, yes. But I was so inspired by the burning spirit
and how everyone trugged through puddle after puddle, clothing
covered with mud spoltches, and bodies obviously tired from the extra
effort needed to get around, but they kept going.

For me, this weekend was unforgetable. It showed me the true spirit of
burners and how they will push on and still havefun even with the massive amounts of challenges before them. With cars
burried in the mud, trucks unmoveable, and tents and camps turning into
raging wetlands, I never saw someone complianing or fussing that the
weather ruined their weekend.

I had the same wonderful, only-at-PDF moments that I always have because
the magic and vibe was still there. In fact, in a sense, it was even
stronger because we were taking quite a hit to keep up the pace the we
to expect at times.

I have a million trillion thanks to so many people. Greeters for rocking
so hard even when they were dealing with the crappiest of situations, dpw
and rangers for helping get things worked out and moving fluidly (pardon
the pun), and the wonderful volunteer response that was there moving gear
when it needed moved and pushing and shoving out cars (just to be thanked
with a body spray of mud) and to every participant who didn’t stop just
because the rain and muck wouldn’t. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This was an amazing weekend!