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February 13, 2003

sweeties day tomorrow

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 2:29 pm

I usually dislike this holiday. I thought it was because of all the romantic hype it’s given and how it’s all about buy me this or that. On second thought, I don’t like this holiday because I love doing wonderfully sweet things for the people I love, but have never had anyone do the same for me. And while, I’m all about gifting out smiles galore, but it begins to lose it’s luster when it never trickles back my way. So, guess that is why I’m all “phoo phoo” on Valentine’s Day. I’ll do something nice for Alex though, her smile is worth it. Wow, that sounds so selfish. Oh well, I’m up for being a little selfish these days, [some people|donna wiggins] already think I am.