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January 17, 2003


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Magnets everywhere. I found online directions and bought the glass marbles, magnets, and silicone sealer. It took me 4 stores to get those 3 items, I suggest anyone just plan on finding the silicone at the hardware store and save a few trips. Although, I read that another popular adhesive in craft stores is the same thing. I’ll have to go look up which one they were talking about. My seven-year-old daughter helped make all of them. She could actually make these all by herself if she wanted to.

photos added 02.17.2003

We used 3/4″ clear marbles (flattened on one side) , 3/4″ magnets, and 3/4″ circle punch. The hole punch made the task super simple. Alex put some turtle stickers on the ones for her teacher and I went through my scarpbooking paper to find some cute designs. for the rest.

I applied the sealer to the magnet, Alex added the paper, I added a dob of sealant on top of the paper, and Alex finished them off with the marbles. We now have 50 shiny new magnets. Total time was less than 30 minutes (took me 5 times that long just to get the supplies). Cost per piece was less than $0.25 (considering I had the paper and punch at home already).

And being the geek that I am, I took the side of my computer off to use as a base to keep them from sliding around and to get pictures on them. (click on thumbnail for larger image)