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April 15, 2003

happy sushi house

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Sushi makes the house happy, or at least, [sushi] makes the people in the house happy. Last’s nights little sushi gathering was lots of fun. Kathleen made the rice and some dumplings, Karl the dumpling sauce, Phil and I helped chop up vegetables, and everyone had the opportunity to roll sushi.

This was my first time to ever make sushi. It was fun and easy. I’ll now be making sushi at home more than I’ll be going out to eat it (woohoo, budget cut). Rob commented that all his daily nutrition needs better come from rice and eel since that’s all I’ll be cooking from now on.

Afterwards, we did a touch fire spinning in the backyard. That was fun. I prolly had a little too much sake, plum wine, and smirnoff judging by the smudge marks. I still had fun, lots of fun. Just what I needed last night.

I’ve realized that Rob doesn’t take as many pictures at parties anymore. I wonder why. I know that if I had been in Wisconsin, I’d prolly be spending this time going though the photos of everything I missed last night. I’m so happy that I live here now. I guess that makes it okay that he takes less pictures.