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February 9, 2003

got to getaway

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 4:28 pm

I’m still on this “I must getaway” trip. Right now, I’m thinking that a local Maryland bed & breakfast would be the perfect escape. Take some books, some movies, some art, and just take a break. Currently looking at Five Gables Inn & Spa in [St. Michaels, Maryland]. They have some very cozy rooms that are in my price range for a weekend. I could go for one of their 1-hour massages, take some walks around the village, possibly try out some tasty crab dishes, and just relax. The biggest drawback for this place is that they offer an “extensive continental breakfast” which sounds like something less that the biscuits and gravy fare I was hoping for. And there is no kitchenette that I had kinda wanted so that I could do some fine dining on my own dishes. But it is one to consider, prettiest one I’ve seen so far. Oops, I misread their rates, they are about double what I can afford. Oh well, still looks nice.

The Summerfield Suites in Gaithersburg sound like an idea too. Not a B&B, but has a kitchen, hot buffet breakfast, and some of the stuff I’m looking for. I just want to get away, not sure I really care where as long as it is quiet, semi-secluded, and I can hide out for the whole weekend.