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February 15, 2003

Geisha Girls

Filed under: costumes — suzanne henderson @ 3:35 pm

As things will happen on channel, I will be making a traditional Geisha outfits for my friend Phil and myself. These should be ready for Spring PDF in May. I’m starting on them now because it sometimes takes me a while to get things finished.

Research has started. Trying to find traditional information on what fabrics to use, proper patterns, and makeup tips too. So far I’ve found:

Japanese Culture: Geisha - very little information, but still a start.

kimono has information about proper colors and styles due to age.

wearing a kimono from a good sewing/costuming resource.

making an obi tells you how to make the obi.

I’ll possibly be using Butterick 6698 pattern (if I don’t draw my own pattern).

It says that I’ll need:
size x-large
45″ fabric 5 7/8 yards (kimono only)
60″ fabric 5 1/8 yards (kimono only)
size large
45″ fabric 5 1/4 yards (kimono only)
60″ fabric 5 1/4 yards (kimono only)

Tracey’ s experience sewing a kimono has a few good hints on using this pattern.

Bought 2 pairs of tabi socks on ebay. Found out Phil wears size 13 shoes, don’t think the second pair will fit him. Darn.