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November 21, 2003

electric blue furry chaps

Filed under: costumes — suzanne henderson @ 12:02 am

I finally made something! My honey needed a costume for NYC Decom. He was going to rent a cowboy costume, but the price and time to do that didn’t work out. So this evening, we went to the fabric store, bought 1.5 yards of electric blue fur and 1 yard of neon green felt.

We looked up “chaps” in google’s image search and got a general idea of what I needed to make them. I also realized they often go all the way around the leg, something I’d never seen but something that made my task much easier.

I cut two legs by sewing together the side seams, had the honey try them on, made snips and adjustments to cute away for the crotch and the cheeks. Sewed all the raw edges and turned over the top and threaded a belt through them. They look great!

The vest I started cutting before thinking, so it didn’t turn out perfect. I didn’t look at a cowboy vest till I was already making it, that was a mistake. However, the felt vest turned out okay. Suggestions: look at a picture first. Realize you’ll need 3 pieces to make the vest (for some reason I thought one was enough). Make simple lapels by folding it back and sewing along the seam (with cool colored threat, this looks good on felt). Try on often.

Costume looks great with the neon orange hat that completes the outfit: Orange hat, green vest, and blue chaps worn over black pants and shirt.