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October 4, 2003

Book/Movie Review: Girl, Interrupted

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the book by Susanna Kaysen:

Based on the author’s mental institution hospitalization in the 1960’s. Book is humerous and serious at the same time. The reader is not beat up with everything that is wrong with mental institutions or the reason’s people go there, instead you’re just given one person’s insight on her time in one. Kaysen makes a good point that you can find ‘normal’ people there and some people just get stuck and never leave.

Book is easy to read, great on a rainy afternoon. If you like this one, recommend Just Checking and Prozac Nation.

movie based on the book:

It follows the book perfectly. I couldn’t remember if I saw the movie first or read the book first, either way it doesn’t matter since they are identical. I liked it as much as I like the book, plus Angelina Jolie is in it and that is enough for me.

update: since reading the book/watching the movie and writing this review, I’ve wondered more about some of the concepts in the movie. Mainly because of another movie that I recently watched about a girl that has to go to a convent because she got pregnant but is never able to leave. I don’t recall the title at the moment, but it had me rethinking the physical imprisonment of young girls either in any type of institution.