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May 27, 2003

bittersweet beer

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 10:48 pm

Woo! I got to actually get to [beer] tonight. This was really cool due to the fact that Rob was going to be there too. Unfortunatly, to arrange for the night out, I also had to arrange to be home early too. So, as my luck would have it, Rob showed up shortly before I left. So much for that idea. But he brought Emily with him, so he didn’t really need my company anyway.

I left beer in a slump, guess thats just how my day is going. Actually, it’s really due to how off-balance I am and I can’t really fuss over it since it’s my fault and I know how to fix it. But, just the same, realizing that I wasted a trip to Brewers just to be there about an hour, miss out on seeing the one person I was waiting for the whole evening, and got snapped at a few times by a friend who has reccently been reminding me of someone else I’ve known, was not the best way to end a fun night out.

But on the up note, one of the coolest things happened at beer. I finally realized that I’m a part of the Baltimore geeky-burnery circle of friends now. No longer do I feel like that chick that showed up and never went away. And even better, I think my friends like me, which is a major ego boost along with a wonderful warm fuzzy that made the evening enjoyable enough for me to be left in a state of flux over how I feel about the evening.