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January 15, 2003


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Sara and I are going to a bellydancing workshop offered by Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance. I looked at some of the photos on their website and some on the vendor sites they listed. I’m going to make a skirt, pantaloons, choli (top), and hip scarf.

May 22, 2003 - We never made it to the workshop, but are doing a blacklight performace at PDF.

Costume Goddess website has directions for making a tiered skirt and a hybrid skirt.

I added up all of the numbers: waist 43″, length 39″. Following the directions for the 3-tiered skirt, I will need 3 rectangle sections: 85.8″, 171″, 342″.

I chose a maroon fabric (51″ wide) with a distinct directional pattern (which ruled out using the hybrid pattern). Thanks to the width of this fabric, I can get all three tiers out of one lenght.

Current supplies: 9.5 yards of fabric (for one skirt? wow!) at $5.99 a yard. Luckily, I had my 50% off cupon with me and it turned out to only be $28.46 for all the fabric.

Supplies needed: fabric for the choli and hip scarf, elastic, thread, and embellishments.

Jan. 15, 2003 - 7:52pm
Fabric has been washed and cut it. I goofed when figuring out how to cut it. If you have one strip 343″ long and then the other two are 171″ and 85.5″, you don’t need to cut three panel widths length wise. You can cut two panels at 343″, then cut one in half, and then cut one in half again. Silly me. Tons of wasted material, I guess that was what the pattern was talking about.

My mom suggested sewing the tiers evenly to make it look better, so they will all be 18: long. This gives me plety of room to run the gathering stiches and screw up a little on each one too. I got the bottom tier gathered and sewn to the middle tier. I plan to work on it more tomorrow.

Jan. 16, 2003
Finished gathering the middle tier, attached it to the top tier and it was too short. Oops, guess the gathering stictch made it a little too gathered. Spent time with teh seam ripper. Broke most of the gathering stiches an spaced them out, hand gathered as I re-sewed the top on. It worked. Joined the side seems, forgot to serge off the gathered seams first, oops.

It is now way too long. I shortened the top panel a great deal. I will serge the hem and shorten it the rest of the way. I think that it is full enough that it won’t matter if I have a serged hem. I plan to finish it on Saturday and start working on the pantaloons then.

Jan. 24, 2003
I got all the panels connected, the side seems sewn, and all seems serged. The serger really helps take a lot of bulk out the seams, but I messed up a few places where I didn’t pay attention to feeding it properly and there are some really unevenly. Good thing it’s such a full skirt it won’t be noticable.

Big problem: the skirt is way too long. I took several inches off the top before adding the elastic band. It still needs a lot more taken off. But if I just take it off the bottom panel, it will turn the bottom panel into a ruffle and I don’t want that. So I’m going cut the middle panel in half, reattach the bottom panel, and see how that works out. This skirt is much harder than I thought it was going to be.

Oh, and the workshop Sara and I were going to attend is full and we can’t do. I’m not sure if this affcts how long it will take me to finish.

May 22, 2003 - started back on this project since PDF is coming up and Sara nad I were going to dance there. I mentioned to my mom that I needed to finish it up. But as payment for helping my mom move, she took over and offered to finish it.

Great! Except she cut off everythign I did, took the whole thing apart, and started over. She is a perfectionist too, and didn’t want me seen with all my crooked seams and such. I’m sure it looks tons better, but I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to say that any of it is my work. Oh well.

making blacklight reactive tassels now. maybe I’ll find a top i can wear with it.